Holy Spirit “Pour out” on your people!

“And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more
be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith
the LORD thy God.” (Amos 9:15).

“Judges and officers shall thou make thee in all thy gates,
which the LORD thy God giveth thee, throughout thy
tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment.”
(Deut. 16:18).

Dear Friends of Israel:

This past week Marylois and I have been soaking in the sweet presence of the
LORD. We have been listening to a live YouTube broadcast from Asbury
University near Lexington, Kentucky. There is an amazing outpouring of the Lord’s
presence manifesting in this place, with continuing 24-hour praise and worship. It’s
a different “revival” so to speak with spontaneous worship, testimonies and
prayer. And although we are not there, we are in a sense participating in this
awakening, just by listening and soaking in His presence and letting our spirit’s
drink. Sharon and Phil are currently in Asbury and attending this revival. We hope
that this flowing wellspring of His Presence will soon spread across the nation and
the world. Holy Spirit “Pour out” on your people.

Prayers for Israel

The “news” in Israel this week revolves around three areas and is a great cause for
your prayers.

The first issue is the rage of the nations against Israel for daring to legitimize nine
of its communities in Judea and Samaria (i.e., the West Bank), as well as authorize
the building of some 9,000 new homes. The 15 nation United Nations Security
Council will vote this Monday, February 20th, on a resolution which condemns Israel
for these acts. The resolution was submitted by the United Arab Emirates in
coordination with the Palestinian Authority. The text reads in part: “reaffirms that
the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since
1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant
violation under international law.
” It demands Israel “immediately and completely
cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory.
” Whether the
United States will exercise its veto power to defeat this resolution is not clear. State
Department spokesman Verdant Patel stated in a daily briefing for the press that
the United States would not back this resolution, but he then stopped short of
saying it would be vetoed. Patel instead reiterated that “the United States remains
focused on supporting the conditions necessary to advance the prospects for a
negotiated two state solution between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Most world powers now view as illegal the communities (settlements) Israel that has
built on land it captured from Jordan in the 1967 Six-Day War with Arab powers.
Israel disputes that and cites biblical, historical and political links to the West Bank,
as well as its own security interests. Jordan also relinquished title to this land and
under past UN agreements, Israel has the right to build there. Former UN resolutions
242/338 reaffirmed the right of Israel to “live in peace within secure and recognized
boundaries free from threats or acts of force.
” The Oslo accords also divided up
Judea and Samaria into three areas: A, B, and C. The P.A. was granted sovereignty
in Area A while Israel has full control in Area C. Area B is under IDF control.

“Remove not the Ancient Boundary”

The Israeli group Al Kan (Hebrew for: “Up to here or Enough!”) which supports the
Jewish settlement of Judea and Samaria revealed to Ynetnews, that the Palestinian
Authority has in the last four years, employed hundreds of architects, land planners
and officials to create a new land registry. These “planners” seek to re-designate
all lands in Judea and Samaria as being owned by the Palestinian Authority.

Legal purchases made by Israel citizens and communities are ignored. Even prior
land registries by Israel and Jordan are being overlooked. Al Kan noted that the
UN, the European Union, the World Bank, and a host of other entities such as
Turkey are actively assisting and funding the Palestinian Authority so as to help
create a de-facto Palestinian State with falsified documents and land
registries. This enables the P.A to have documents which seem official in the face
of the international community and world media. This campaign by the Palestinian
Authority is being carried out in Area C, which according to the Oslo Accords
belongs to the State of Israel. The aim is to change the reality of past agreements
and create false facts on the ground.

Gilad Ach, CEO of the Ad Kan organization stated: “The State of Israel is neglecting
its responsibility to regulate the land registration and allows the PA to operate in
Judea and Samaria unhindered as if it were the ruler in the area. This is being done
without Israeli coordination and approval, in a way that allows the Palestinian
Authority to take over and make Area C part of their future state. This reality is
planting irreversible physical and legal facts on the ground. In addition, Israel is not
acting to prevent the violation of its governance that is contrary to the Oslo
agreements with the PA and allows them to continue operating without
interference. Continuing registration in Area C must be prevented along with
diplomatic activity to stop the funding coming from the European Union, the United
Nations and the World Bank. History will not forgive those who allow these parts of
the Israel to be lost.” (Ynetnews.com)

Israel Holds the Title Deed

Even though the United Nations and the Palestinian Authority “want to change the
goalposts” (i.e. nullify past agreements and let the P.A. gain title to all the land, they
will never succeed. The P.A. is in fact the illegal occupiers of this territory. Israel
has already been given the “title deed” to these lands, by the Father God. Scripture
after scripture affirms the right for the Jewish nation to live on their homeland,
including all of Judea and Samaria. The LORD promises in Amos that He will plant
His people “upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land
which I have given them.
” (Amos 9:15)

Please pray God’s promises for Israel and that the evil schemes of the U.N. the
E.U., Turkey and the Palestinian Authority will have no success. Proverbs states:
“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” (Pr. 22:28)

Terrorism against Israelis

The second issue is to pray protection for Israelis from terrorism.

Since January 1st, 11 Israelis have already been murdered in terrorist attacks, and
at least 17 others have been physically wounded. The latest event happened this
week when a 21-year-old Muslim deliberately slammed his car into a crowded bus
stop, killing 3 people including an 8 year old boy and his 6 year old brother. Prime
Minister Netanyahu quickly promised to increase security in the capital by having
more police patrols, He then stated that some 300 bus stops would be “fortified and
that private gun licenses would be increased.

The Palestinian Authority’s 88-year-old President Abbas is currently refusing to
cooperate with Israel and United States on security matters. He is also allowing
Islamic terrorists to have free reign in attacking Israel while he pretends to be a
spokesperson for peace. The refusal of the PA chairman is a blow to the Biden
administration. Terrorist activity in the West Bank and Jerusalem is expected to
increase toward the month of Ramadan (March 22 to April 20) and force Israel to
defend itself, which could result in Palestinian casualties and regional instability
(Israel Ha Yom).

Please pray that all plots and future plans by Islamic terrorists to engage in acts of
violence against Israel be uncovered and stopped. Pray for the day-by-day safety
of Israelis as they go to work, to worship or shop.

Judgment at the Gate

The third issue for prayer is regarding the matter the judicial reform in Israel.

Israel has been in a political storm, since the beginning of PM Netanyahu’s
administration. The cause for much anger among the Israelis has been
Netanyahu’s intentions to exact “Judicial reforms.” The nation has been seething
with inflammatory rhetoric from those opposing it.

Tel Aviv Mayor, Ron Hultai made headlines last Monday when he said that
countries become dictatorships through the democratic process but “do not
become democratic again except through bloodshed.
” 60,000-100,000 people
assembled and protested at the Knesset. Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who
was there, said “It’s good to see 100,000 people here, but that’s not what will lead
the real fight. The real fight will break through these fences and take us into a real
” Opposition Leader Yair Lapid of the Yesh Atid Party (There is change) told
the Knesset protesters that “a corrupt extremist government wants to destroy the
country at record speed.” National Unity Party leader Benny Gantz also told the
crowd that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “destroying Israeli society from
” Noteworthy is that these are all mainstream leaders, not fringe elements.
Prime Minister Netanyahu then called on the opposition to lower the flames
following the massive protest outside the Knesset. This was followed by a
tempestuous Knesset committee meeting, in which opposition members jumped
on tables and had to be forcibly expelled. Netanyahu urged the protestors to “Stop
deliberately dragging the country into anarchy. … Show responsibility and
leadership, because you’re doing the exact opposite.

This past Wednesday, the Netanyahu government delayed bills linked to the
proposed reform plan, “in order to encourage dialogue,” Even so, a vote on judicial
legislation will take place on Feb. 20. Justice Minister Yariv Levin and the Knesset
Constitution, Law and Justice Committee chairman Simcha Rothman, are the two
key figures guiding the judicial reforms through the legislative process. They
requested that Lapid and Gantz meet with them at the president’s residence to
seek a compromise. This invitation was refused.

Whose Right or Wrong?

So, who is right or wrong in this matter? I would say, it depends on which side you
are on. Does Israel need reform in its courts? Yes and No. The matter though is
too complicated and difficult to examine in this prayer letter. Let’s just say, many
do not want to see the courts reformed, while others do, so as to bring a more
righteous justice in their eyes. For a further examination of what “judicial reform”
means to Israelis please go to Light of Zion: lightofzion.org and read Sandy
Teplinsky’s analysis of the current situation: “Are Democratic Freedoms in Israel
Under Threat?”

Pray for Israel that peace and a sense of calm would return to this nation. Pray
that perhaps compromise would reign instead of anger and demonstrations.


Marylois and I would like to deeply thank all of you for your giving towards our flight
expenses to Israel. The tickets have been purchased and we will soon be on our
way, to begin our 25th season as your representatives at the House of Peace.

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Shabbat Shalom,

Gene and Marylois / House of Peace

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