A Grieving County… but the Lord gives HOPE!

Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end. but
establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts
and reins. My defense is of God which saveth the upright
in heart. God judgeth the righteous and God is angry with
the wicked every day
(Ps. 7:9-11).

“But Israel shall be saved in the LORD with an everlasting
salvation: ye shall not be ashamed, nor confounded world
without end.”
(Is. 45:17).

Dear Intercessors for Israel:

The last week has been hard for the nation of Israel, with the country grieving over
the loss of seven people who were murdered in a vicious terrorist attack. This
attack happened near a synagogue in Neve Jacob (Jacob’s Oasis), just north of
Jerusalem. The dead included a married couple rushing to help the victims, and a
14-year-old boy. The 21-year-old Palestinian assailant was “neutralized.” The next
day, another targeted attack in Silwan, near the City of David, seriously wounded
an IDF officer and his father. The gunman was a 13-year-old boy, who was himself

Just days before this violence, the IDF raided and eliminated a terrorist cell group
in P.A. controlled Jenin, which was about to launch an attack into Israel. A long
gun battle ensued between the IDF and this group with ten members of it
perishing. This operation may have sparked the following attacks in Israel, the
worse since 2011. Many Israelis are worried that a third intifada (uprising) is about
to start, but this week has seen calm return. Although, that also may also be
deceptive, as Hamas operatives fired a rocket towards Sderot, which was
intercepted by the Iron Dome. The Israel Air Force then carried out retaliatory

Pray that the plans and plots of wicked and those who are evil against Israel be
uncovered, thwarted and stopped. David prayed: “Let the wickedness of the
wicked come to an end.” Pray for the safety of the Jewish people and that the
Palestinians turn away from violence. Pray that Jesus be revealed to those who
are enveloped in wickedness. Remember: Nothing is impossible with God, and
that prayer moves mountains (obstacles).

Secretary of State Blinken visits

In the midst of this “storm” the U.S. Secretary of State visited Israel and the
Palestinian Authority, in a rapid two-day trip. He met with President Abbas and
then promised another $50 million in aid to the P.A. on top of past U.S. commitment
of $890 million pledged last year. Blinken also reaffirmed the United States “two
state solution” as being the only true way to achieve lasting peace in the Middle
East. The United States steadfast allegiance to “two state” commitment is at odds
with reality. Neither the P.A. nor Israel wishes to honor such a plan but give it “lip
service.” Blinken also paid a courtesy visit to Israel’s newly elected PM

Laser War

The small town of Metula (Lookout from the Arabic), is established on the
most northern extremity of Israel. It is surrounded on three sides by
Lebanon and is normally peaceful. The town is noted for its
“Canada” Ice rink, the Alaska restaurant, and its apple
groves. When times were more peaceful, The Good Fence was
located here, and Lebanese citizens crossed the border regularly to attend
school, shop and do business. The past wars with Hezbollah (Army of God)
and the IDF’s evacuation from Lebanon changed everything.
Hezbollah invaded and displaced the Christian village
opposite of Metula and has stationed their “operatives” yards away from the
border. Israel in an effort to protect its citizens is erecting a 30-foot concrete border
wall around the town. Hezbollah has been protesting this action and threatening
the IDF for transgressing Lebanese soil by two feet. This terrorist group now has
built 60 foot “watch-towers” to peer over the border. Worse yet, these terrorists
have been posted on a hill, some 600 feet away overlooking Metula. They then
employ strong laser pointers in an effort to blind those walking on the eastern
promenade, those traveling in vehicles, and also shoot them inside the residents’

In an effort to stop this harassment, the IDF posted a searchlight inside Metula, in
an attempt to expose the Lebanese and keep them away from the hill. This didn’t
work as these low-grade terrorists just moved to another spot. The IDF Northern
Command turned to the UNIFIL force in Lebanon, which promised to intervene, but
for the time being, the blinding attempts continue and the IDF has no real answer
so far to the problem. Besides the harassment and threat to the residents, there is
a fear that a laser could cause irreversible damage to the eye and even blindness
to the residents.

Pray God builds a wall of protection for the innocent. Decree Psalm 7 for the
residents of Metula. May their “defense be of God” and that “Evil shall slay the
wicked.” (Ps. 34:21)

Ghajar, a village of Peace

Just a few kilometers from Metula is the Alawite village of Ghajar. It overlooks
Metula, but the two villages are divided by the irregular border. This little town of
some 2,700 people was separated from Israel for 22 years. The U.N. redrew the
border between Lebanon and Israel in 2001 and the line split the village in half.
The northern part was in Lebanon and the Southern part remained in
Israel. What to do? Israel placed a checkpoint by the main highway and
forbid its citizens to enter unless permission was granted. The Ghajar
residents protested but nothing could be done, or so it seemed. These
citizens were full Israelis. They also identified with Syria being Alawite (A
mix of Islamic-Christianity). The town leaders finally decided to build a fence
around their village, separating/protecting them from Lebanon. Israel then
withdrew its IDF checkpoint and opened up the town.

The result was a “flood” of Israelis visiting the town. 10,000 Israelis came in one
day! Ghajar is just different and for Israelis who have been everywhere in their
nation, this was a “new place” to check out. Ghajar has no hotels, nor bed and
breakfasts. You have to leave by 5 pm. It does have the “Blue Line” restaurant,
which is located on the old border, and is famous for its Syrian cuisine. One
resident and a local tour guide stated:

“Look, we are Syrians, living in a Syrian village and we remain Syrian. Nothing has
changed. We have Israeli citizenship, and we belong to the State of Israel. We
adhere to its laws, and we protect our home. That’s all. We are brothers,
” explained
Jamal Khateeb. (I-24 news).

Living in the Middle East sometimes is an oxymoron. On one hill there is war and
another there is peace. I am reminded of Psalms 133: “How good and pleasant it
is for brothers to dwell in unity.”
Pray for the residents of Ghajar, and Metula. May
they dwell together in unity and peace. Pray the LORD’s promise to Israel as
well: May all of Israel be saved with an everlasting salvation.” (Is. 45:17).

Returning to Israel

Marylois and I are once again returning to Israel and the House of Peace, as your
watchmen on the walls. We depart early March, our 25th season! The ministry
though is in need of “sponsors” to help us get there and be “debt free in 23.” Our
tickets together cost some $2,600 for economy class. If you would like to sow some
“seed” into our journey, please go to the ministry’s web site
www.globaloutpouring.org and find the donate button. Please annotate it as being
for “airfare for Gene and Marylois Little.” The land address for the ministry is P.O.
Box 447, Jasper, AR 72641, if you would like to mail in an offering. I know that God
is no man’s debtor and if you are believing and hoping to visit Israel, sow some
seed now into our journey and watch what the Lord does for you! Thank you for

Shabbat Shalom,

Gene and Marylois/House of Peace

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