April 25: The Slain Lamb Sees the Glory

Scripture Reading — Romans 8: 17-25

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8: 18)

Yes, My beloved child, you have long known the path of suffering. Tears have often been your companion, but you have always accepted your broken heart as a very special gift of great value coming directly from Me.

And My child, it is only with a broken heart that you can submit to all the difficulties, trials, and tests. For in brokenness you are deeper into the holy of holies.

It was only as the high priest carried the blood of the slain lamb, that he was permitted to approach into My Divine and holy presence.

Sometimes you weary of having a broken and a contrite heart, but remember, you only come into the royal chambers as a slain lamb.

The high priest only came into this high and holy secret habitation once a year. There will be times when you will go about as if nothing has happened, your heart released of all hurt and suffering and the pain of yesterday will recede into the past. But when you long again for the intimacy of that close relationship with Me, then circumstances will again come into your life. The lamb within shall be slain, the blood shall flow, the heart will break, and you will find yourself entering once again into My glory.

And this will continue all your life till the day when you will not only enter into My glory, but My glory shall enter you.



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