April 29: God Will Blow Out the Fires

Scripture Reading—Psalm 58:1-11

“Before your pots can feel the thorns, he shall take them away as with a whirlwind, both living, and in his wrath.” (Psalm 58:9)

“Before your pots can feel the heat of the thorns—whether they be green or dry, the wicked will be swept away.” (Psalm 58:9, New International Version)

In ancient times, thorns were used to make the cooking fires. This was because the trees were too precious to be cut down for the purpose of firewood. The fire from the thorns ignited fast and burnt furiously, but it also did not last long.

You are that pot. Under you a fire has been built by the enemy of your soul. That fire starts easily, burns furiously, but before you can even begin to suffer from the heat, the fire shall go out, for I will blow on it and put it out. And it does not matter whether the thorns are green and hard to burn, or dry and therefore burn easily, I will blow those fires out right from underneath you.

Do not fear the enemy’s plots to cause you anxiety, fear, suffering or embarrassment of any kind. He cannot do one thing that I will not permit him to do.

He may lay his fire, light it and even fan it with the aid of vicious tongues, but I am standing right beside him, unseen by him, and I will not allow that fire to even “heat the pot.”

You can rely completely on My sovereign care of you. I love you too much to “cook you.” There is no way that Satan can harm you. He hasn’t even the power to make you “uncomfortable.” Let him try to build his fires! I still have enough power over the wind to blow out every single one of his fires. And I will not only “blow out the fires,” I will also blow away every thorn, every spark, every bit of ashes, so that there isn’t even a sign of there ever having been a fire lit under you!



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