April 8: Sacrificial Covenant with God – A Special Blessing

Scripture Reading: Psalm 50:1-5

“Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.” (Psalm 50:5)

I take delight in the gathering together into one place of My holy ones—the good, benevolent, and pious children of the Covenant.

When My beloved ones make a covenant unto Me, My eye is always upon them. There is a special relationship between Me and My covenant people. It is like the relationship between a husband and his beloved wife. I will always be close to My covenant Bride.

When I made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15, it was not only with him, but with his descendants. This is because covenants reach unto many generations. I still to this day have not broken My covenant with the children of Abraham. This covenant was sealed by the sacrifice of the heifer, the she goat, the ram, the turtledove, and the young pigeon. It was a five-fold sacrifice. Five is the number of redemption. I have made a covenant with My friend Abraham to fully redeem his descendants. It is an unchanging covenant because I am unchanging. “…I am the lord, I change not…” (Malachi 3:6a). The covenant between Me and Abraham was sealed with the five-fold sacrifice—even the sacrifice of redemption. The covenant I made with Abraham was not broken off when I died, it was rather confirmed with Abraham and enlarged to include all nations of the world. When I hung on the Cross, My arms were outstretched to all the world.

My covenant could not have been made without the Blood sacrifice. I was the perfect sacrifice because I come from the Father. In the Old Testament, the sacrifices were brought by man, but the New Testament sacrifice was provided by My Father. I became that sacrificed Lamb Who sealed the blood-covenant between the Father and all who would accept it and enter into covenant relationship with Me.

Some of My children fear the word “covenant.” This fear is not from Me. It is from the enemy of My covenant relationship. Every marriage is a covenant relationship between a husband and wife (Malachi 2:14). The vows you took at the altar were simply a promise to each other of a covenant relationship you would keep toward each other all your lives..

David and Jonathan made a covenant with each other (I Samuel 18:3), Laban and Jacob made a covenant with each other (Genesis 31:44), I made covenants with Noah (Genesis 9:12-17), David (II Samuel 2:35), Levi (Malachi 2:4, 5) and many others of whom it is not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.

When My children who have made a special covenant with Me gather together, there is much power generated in that gathering, and I come down to them like I did with My covenant children at Mount Sinai and shed My glory down upon them.

Because no covenant is made without a sacrifice, My people who have offered the sacrifice of their lives unto Me in a special way are blessed in a special way by My presence. In My covenant relationship with you, we have both offered a covenant sacrifice as a token of our covenant. I gave My life in death for you, and you have given yourself to Me as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).



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