August 29: You Are a Light to the Ends of the Earth

Scripture Reading — Acts 13:14-52

“For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.” (Acts 13:47)

Paul knew his calling. It is so very important that you know your calling and My will for your life.

So many of My children wander aimlessly through life like a ship abandoned at sea, without a captain to direct its journey. That is why so many lives are ship-wrecked.

There are many whom I cannot use because they do not want Me to control their lives. Their own strong and stubborn will forces Me to stand to the side and watch them aimlessly drift with the tide, until they finally end up on the rocks, a useless and permanently damaged vessel. It is not that I am unable to still rescue that vessel, but the situation is such, that the entire cargo and the crew and the “attachments” of that vessel are so intertwined with that one’s life, that it is almost impossible to get that one to leave his doomed wreckage and to be transformed into another ship, even the ship of salvation.

I have called all My children to be lights unto the world. I want this whole world to be lit up, with the light of My glory shining through My vessels. I want you to know My ultimate will for your life. I don’t want you to flounder about, not knowing My high calling for your life.

Greater doors of ministry are opening to you. You will not have to knock on those doors. They will knock on your door, asking for you. Go forth wherever I send you. I will not waste your time in  places where My Holy Spirit is not free to work through you. I have your whole life planned out. The future is as a blue print as clear  and concise as the past is a record. Only obey Me in every detail. I will give you strength for each task and for each day.



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