August 30: The Earring of Gold Is a Symbol of Obedience

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 25:12

“As an earring of gold, and an ornament of fine gold, so is a wise reprover upon an obedient ear.” (Proverbs 25: 12)

In order for people to be able to wear earrings in days of old, their ears had to be pierced. This is a painful experience, and it leaves a permanent mark on the ear.

Those of My children who are instantly obedient usually have had to pay a price. Their former disobedience has left painful experiences in their lives. This is true of you, too. You have learned the terrible cost of disobedience. It can show the world that you, too, are human because you have failed Me. You, too, have the capacity to be patient and understanding because you have been no better than your neighbour.

This gives you hope for the most disobedient men. Did you yourself not fail to hear My warning to walk in perfect obedience to My commands? Then you must have compassion on others. Have patience! Forgive! When I have finished piercing their ear, I will adorn it with a golden earring, the symbol of obedience.

There is no use to pretend you are obedient. Your spirit knows the truth long after you have lied to it. Your spirit longs to be ornamented with earrings of gold: even the symbol of duty.

My son was obedient in all things, even the death of the Cross. His suffering and His total obedience to My will was often a painful experience. But it enabled Him to be eternally adorned with earrings of gold — even the symbol of obedience.

When My children need correction, be careful how you reprove them: you may scar their souls. Reprove them wisely and you shall be the instrument of perfecting them, that they might be adorned.

There are many who feel they are called to reprove but they do it in a fleshly and carnal way. They scar and mar My people. If you deal harshly with someone, you will mutilate his “ear.”

I call you to be a wise reprover that My children may be adorned in true beauty throughout eternity.



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