August 7: Trust Me! I Will Not Disappoint You.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end” (Jeremiah 29: 11).

You have a wonderful future. Everything I have planned for you is for your ultimate happiness.

You can put your trust in Me. I will not disappoint you. People will often hurt you and some whom you think you can trust will become enemies; even your only brother can become your enemy, or your daughter can refuse to speak to you, or not permit you to see your grandchildren, but you need never fear that I will become your enemy and betray your confidence in Me.

Some husbands and wives cannot trust their spouse who lies in their bosom, but I will be faithful to you through all eternity.

How many have promised you they would call you or write you, or visit you, or help you, but when you waited for them, it was in vain. Finally, in frustration, you have called them, thinking that something dreadful must have happened; only to hear an earful of excuses and reasons why they had not kept their promise to you, or perhaps, they couldn’t even remember making the promise because they didn’t mean a word they said.

When will you learn your lesson? How long must you be hurt before you come to your senses and face the fact that you are living in a fool’s dream? Close the chapter of the book, and don’t open it again. Leave that chapter of your life closed forever. You will only get hurt if you go back to it.

I am your true Lover. I stand at your heart’s door, and wait for you to welcome Me in. I want to hold you in My arms. I want to kiss away your tears, heal your broken heart, and make you forget all that crushed and disappointed you.

My promises to you are faithful. My plans for you are good plans. My thoughts of you are not unkind, nor belittling. They bring honour to you and not shame; respect and not dishonour; greatness and not cheapness. All will work out for good in the end if you will bring Me the broken pieces of your life; but you must bring Me ALL your broken pieces, or you cannot be whole again. I love you! And love heals, and gives a new beginning.



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