December 1: Ordinary People

Yes, Lord, I want to lay down my priorities and take up Yours. I need Your supernatural help to make it happen! I choose to set my will in that direction. Please help me. Help me lay down my people-pleasing agenda and take up the God-pleasing agenda.

Ordinary people with deep convictions can become heroes. Ordinary people with deep convictions and a deep relationship with God can become super-heroes.

Over and over when you hear or read the story of someone who performed a heroic deed, they say that they just did what they thought was right. They didn’t feel like heroes.

Abraham didn’t feel like a hero, but he became the “father of the faithful” by obeying Me. He was still a very ordinary man who made ordinary mistakes, but when he heard My voice, he immediately obeyed. His heroism was hidden in his generation. He was wealthy because of his relationship with Me. His obedience brought My blessing. My promises to him, however, were based on My faithfulness, not his. My covenant with him and his descendants continues until today because Abraham trusted Me.

Abraham believed Me and it was counted to him as righteousness. I saw his deep trust in Me as he obeyed My commands to him, so I registered him as justified. He was faithful to do what I told him. He was a hero.

Enoch didn’t think of himself as a hero, but by walking with Me, he pleased Me, satisfying My heart with his relationship with Me. I used him to teach My righteous ways to the people of the earth and honored him with a supernatural transport to eternity.

His loving relationship with Me that resulted in his loving obedience to Me erased the curse of death he had inherited from Adam.

Walk with Me, My child. Love Me. Obey Me. I need ordinary people who will trust Me like Abraham and walk with Me like Enoch. Be a part of My end-time army of ordinary people through whom I will do extraordinary exploits. I put great treasure in earthen vessels who will give Me the glory due unto Me.



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