December 26: He Will Keep You in That Day

Scripture Reading — II Timothy 1:12-14

“…and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” (II Timothy 1: 12)

Everybody’s “that day” is different. There are many “that days” in every person’s life. It is a day of trials and testings, even a desperate day when all hell seems to be arrayed against your soul.

Every trial and testing is different and some are much greater than others. I want to lift you up above all of these trials so that you will, as it were, “fly over them.”

You do not need to wade through all the filthy muck and mire of this polluted generation. I will give you grace, even My grace to rise above every one of your adversaries. Do not stoop to their level to do battle with them.

So many of My children fear the day of persecution which is coming upon the world. It is a day of fiery trials. Many of My children have already laid down their lives for My sake and the Gospel’s. It is a great victory to die for Me. A glorious homecoming awaits the soul of the one who dies in the Lord.

There are many different trials. One person’s “that day” is one of torture and imprisonment, another’s is sickness and suffering, another’s is divorce or the death of a life-long partner. No matter how hard your day of testing is, or how long it lasts, I will surely keep you and bring you safely through it so that you do not need to deny Me or fall away from My grace, or betray another of My precious children. Take courage. I am with you. I will not fail you nor forsake you, even when your feet stand in the waters of the river of death.



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