December 29: My Bride — My Beloved

” …forsaking all others, keep thee only unto Him as long as you both shall live.”

My Bride keeps herself only unto Me. She does not go after idolatrous affections. Her heart is fully given to Me. She loves Me with all her heart, all her soul, all her mind, and all her strength.

She draws near to Me with affection, with passion. Her desire is ever toward Me.

I Am her First Love and I Am her Only Love. She has forsaken all others. She has eyes like a dove that can only see one thing at a time, and she chooses to only look at Me.

She loves to watch Me at work, and is thrilled with every little thing I do. She keeps looking at Me while I’m working on a project, expectantly awaiting the moment when I might glance over at her and our eyes meet. Her constant gaze draws Me to her, anxious, willing to fulfill any request she may have.

She loves to watch Me flex My muscles, and applauds My acts with rejoicing.

She longs for My embrace, and melts into My everlasting arms. She is one with Me in My purposes, and trusts Me even if she doesn’t understand what I’m doing. She knows that she knows that I will do exactly what I have said I will do, and fully expects Me to work everything together for her good, for she loves Me and knows that I have called her. She believes on My Name, making it her own.

She is never lonely because she has Me for her constant companion. I Am everything to her and she rests in Me. She casts all her cares upon Me for she trusts Me to do a better job sorting out the details than she ever could.

She flows with Me and prefers Me. She defers to Me in all occasions. I can flow through her and not be concerned that she will take the glory for herself as though it was she that had accomplished My miracle. Therefore I can trust her to wear My glory, clothing her in My Presence.

She loves to sit with Me in silence, just to be with Me. She does not have any agenda except to be attentive to Me. Therefore, she eagerly obeys My every order, and lovingly responds to My slightest sigh.

She lets My Spirit pray through her to accomplish My purposes in the earth.

She loves what I love, and she hates what I hate.

She loves to linger with Me.

“This is My beloved, and this is My friend” (Song of Solomon 5:16).



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