December 30: True Beauty Comes from the Lord

Scripture Reading: Psalm 149:1-9

“For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.” (Psalm 149:4)

Do you know that the most beautiful thing that can happen to any person, to change him and glorify him, is the new birth? I can take the most mean, miserable and ugly person and transform him completely from head to toe, inside and outside.

The most beautiful people on the face of the earth today are not the ones who win beauty contests, but those who have been transformed by My saving grace, thereby having become a “new creation in Christ Jesus.”

The word “saint” means one who is sacred and hallowed unto Me. When My saving grace comes into a life, it takes that dark, black, wicked sinner, who flees from Me, and turns him into a child of light, full of life, glory and beauty.

I am doing a work of beautification in your life. But I can only do this as you submit to Me. The lowly, the meek and the poor of this earth are the treasures of Heaven. The true things of beauty are those graces with which I adorn you. Every trial, every test is doing a work of eternal beauty in your soul. Do not be discouraged. I will not do you harm. I will only do you good all the days of your life, and you shall dwell in My house for evermore.



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