Don’t Quit Praying!

Loving greetings from Engeltal, the Valley of Angels, with 1 Timothy 1:18-19a from The Passion Translation. “So Timothy, my son, I am entrusting you with this responsibility…. use your prophecies as weapons as you wage spiritual warfare by faith and with a clean conscience.”

Warring with Prophecy: Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom come, Your will BE DONE on earth as it is in Heaven.” The prophetic dreams, visions, words of knowledge, and prophecies that have been released in the Body of Christ over more than four years paint a clear picture of President Trump returning to office for four more years of cleaning up corruption in the government. This is all in answer to the prayers of God’s people who have been crying to Him for deliverance from darkness in this nation. No doubt there are also prophecies that have been given over your life that have not yet come to pass. Beloved, IT IS TIME FOR WAR! WAR WITH YOUR PROPHECIES!

Don’t Quit!!! When Michael Van Vlymen was with us, he told the story of how he was sitting on the edge of his bed one night, praying for his grown children before he went to sleep. Suddenly, in the corner of the room, he saw a fierce-looking demonic entity that had the appearance of a man but with long-horn-cattle-type horns. He just stood there glaring. Michael immediately began rebuking the thing, but it didn’t seem to faze it. After about twenty minutes of continuous challenging, rebuking, binding, etc., finally the thing turned and disappeared, opening behind him a glorious revelation that equipped Michael for prayer in a more powerful way.

 Puzzled by the incident, Michael questioned the Lord about how that thing could come and not respond to his warring against it, as though Michael didn’t have the authority to deal with it. The Lord told Michael that he indeed had the authority, and that the demon was actually very disturbed, even shaking on the inside. But the devil is a liar and a deceiver, so it kept up a façade as though it wasn’t bothered, hoping that Michael would give in, allowing it to continue to hide powerful revelation from him!

Don’t Be Moved by the Lies! As I mentioned in the last prayer letter, what we are seeing is the thrashing of the serpent’s tail, grappling by constriction, when its head has already been captured!  Don’t lose heart!  War with the prophecies, dreams and visions.

 One dream that Jeremiah Johnson shared was of President Trump in the lead of a race, then he fell and couldn’t get up. Two older ladies, one with a walker, and one with a cane came out of the crowd, miraculously picked him up, and inched him across the finish line!

If that speaks to you, get out there in prayer and draw miraculous anointing and strength from the Holy Spirit, and let’s get the President across the finish line. Don’t give up! The devil is trembling when you get the unction to pray and throw him off of his assignment to keep the President from finishing what God gave him to do!

Prayer Conference Call: You may recall that for the last several months we have been holding 6:00 P.M. Central time as our portion of the Firewall Prayer that the Lord directed Patricia King to get started. The day after the election, we began hosting a Prayer Conference Call during that time. In fact, we feel it is so urgent that we are suspending our Friday Night Live Worship services for at least two or three weeks in order to carry this strategic prayer time. Many are sharing insights and praying and decreeing powerfully. If you want to join us, at 6:00 P.M. Central, please dial (425) 436- 6348. You will be prompted to enter this access code: 7411925#

Thank you! We are so grateful to each one of you for your prayers for us here at Engeltal! We need them now, especially! And thank you to each faithful giver! We appreciate you so much. Hearing your voice on the call is also an encouragement! Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip

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