“Draw Back and Pray! Something New Is Coming!”

Beloved Intercessor,

Loving greetings from Engeltal, Valley of Angels. We apologize that we have
not sent out a prayer letter since the middle of June. Our beloved Jacque Orriols,
who has been preparing the prayer letter for us for the last few years, is unable to
keep up with it due to her work schedule. Thankfully, the Lord has raised up
someone who will be able to continue this ministry with us: Teresa McCullough.
At this point, we feel to scale back to do this once a month. Please pray for
Jacque to be exceedingly blessed for all that she has contributed through the
years of her time, talent, and creativity. And please pray abundant blessings over
Teresa as she takes up the cause!

Convention 2023 Report: We had a glorious Convention in July! Neither time
nor space permits me to give a detailed report, but I would say that the
overarching message that the Lord was giving us through the speakers was this:
Each of us must step up into the fullness of our own personal identity to allow
the Holy Spirit to use us in the unique way that was planned for us in God’s
books in Heaven. Every person has one-of-a-kind DNA, fingerprints, voice
print, and individual way of thinking and expressing themselves. God designed
us each one to have such an intimate relationship with Him that we can hear His
voice and cooperate with Him to do the specific job that He sent us to this planet
to do. He wants His character (fruit of the Spirit) to shine through our individual
personality to make a difference in the lives of the people around us. There’s a
famous saying: “Be yourself—everyone else is taken!”

Cooperating with God is more than just obeying what He says—it’s operating
together with Him. Consider the example in Genesis 2:19: “Out of the ground the
LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought
them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each
living creature, that was its name” (NKJV). God and Adam were a team—God
created the animals, and Adam named them. It was “co-operation” — working
together on a project. Philip and I recorded a podcast on the subject. Click this link
to listen.


An Important Word of the Lord: About a month ago, as I was awakening from
sleep, I heard Marylois Little’s voice declaring this brief prophetic word: “Draw back
and pray! Something new is coming!” I have taken this to heart, and I believe it has
meaning in many different areas of our lives. All of our questions— All of our
expectations— All we have been contending for— All of our understanding— All of
our lack of understanding— All the details that are important to us— All of our
relationships— Everything we know and don’t know— We need to draw back and
pray because of the changes that are before us. Many prophetic voices in the Body
of Christ are prophesying change — even great change. So how do we get ready?
“Draw back and pray!”

As we move into the Biblical High Holy Days, the seventh month on the Biblical
calendar, this is a very good time to draw back and pray. Today begins the
governmental new year. Israel celebrates their New Year (Rosh Hashana) from Yom
Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets, the evening of September 15 until the evening of the
17th. This is the only feast that takes place on the first of a month, that is, the new
moon. In Biblical times, a new moon was only declared by observing the slim
crescent of the moon, so the celebration could then begin. That’s why this special
feast is known as “The Feast of the Hidden Moon.” You could also say that “no man
knows the day or the hour” when the trumpet will sound! The word in Hebrew for
the sound of the shofar is teruah, which also means to shout, a joyful sound, jubilee,
or a war-cry (like at Jericho). If you don’t have a shofar, you can still shout and walls
of opposition can be brought down!

It’s also the beginning of the ten days of awe, leading up to the holiest day on God’s
calendar, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Following that is Sukkot, the Feast of
Tabernacles, the first feast that the Exiles celebrated when they returned from
Babylonian captivity. We can certainly expect something new to be coming in this
season, so let’s draw back and pray!

Silence the Distractions: Now is the time to push everything out of the way that
is robbing our time with God! Now is the time to silence all the voices that are
trying to get our emotions riled and our stability rattled! Turn off the fear
mongers — just because the darkness has an agenda doesn’t mean it can have
success. The authority in the Earth is the Body of Believers who are aligned with
the Word of God, so draw back and pray to know the scriptures to be declaring
now! We can only get ready for what is coming by drawing back into the secret
place with our Beloved. The Song of Solomon 2:10 reminds us of the calling —
the wooing of the Lover of our soul. “My beloved spoke, and said to me: ‘Rise up,
my love, my fair one, And come away’” (NKJV). Don’t delay! Just come away!

School of the Supernatural, Translation by Faith: We just held the School last
week. It was the best one yet with over 70 students who were hungry for the
Word of God! The teaching team, Dr. Bruce and Reshma Allen, and Michael
and Gordana Van Vlymen were powerfully anointed. We love how they carefully
lay a scriptural foundation to increase our faith and expectation to be used of
God as He pleases to minister wherever and however He pleases. The world
situation is getting more desperate all the time. As we prepare for the
Outpouring, our intimacy with our Father will determine how He can use us to
minister to the Lost and release the Glory of His love to others everywhere we
go. We would appreciate your prayers for the Holy Spirit to help us all walk in
what we learned in this session and that our lives would be changed as we align
with His Word.

If You Haven’t Been Able to Attend the School: Bruce Allen and Michael Van
Vlymen have written books that contain the teachings they have shared here in
the School. Contact our bookstore to get these books so that you can get up to
speed with what our Father has for us in these days of “something new is

This School has also challenged me to draw back and pray. So much of my time
is often given to planning, preparing for, and hosting events here at Engeltal.
The evening after the School finished, Philip and I interviewed Michael and
Gordana Van Vlymen on our Global Outpouring Podcast. Something Michael
said resonated in my spirit. “If I laden myself with too much work, even
ministry work… and I get overtired from doing ministry work, then it pulls me
back from the spiritual dimension a bit. So I literally have to set work aside, and
come and have my quiet time with the Lord, if I want to walk in it every day.”

I believe we have had a “summons” from Heaven to “draw back and pray” to
get in tune with what the Lord has for us in time to come. There’s an equipping
for the outpouring that must come from our intimate prayer life and walking
with God to help us live “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

God Has Pushed the Pause Button on Events: For the last while we have been
hosting events, sometimes monthly, but, other than the 25th Anniversary of the
House of Peace (see below), we have nothing on the calendar while we draw back
and pray. The next event that we are aware of is the total eclipse of the sun on
April 9, 2024. We know that crowds will be coming to our area as we will have
total darkness here for over two minutes, and we don’t want to miss an
opportunity to shine the Light of Jesus here, so we are waiting on the Lord for
His agenda for us. Please keep that in your prayers.

Israel News: It’s hard to comprehend how wonderfully the Lord has blessed
us with the stewardship of His House of Peace in Jerusalem for 25 years! We
are going to have a 25th Anniversary celebration November 22-24. Yes,
that’s Thanksgiving! The keys were given to us on November 24, 1998, and
we are so thankful to have been given this privilege to host prayer for Israel
in Jerusalem for all these years! We plan to stream at least some of our
meetings during these days as we praise the Lord for all He has
accomplished in His Kingdom from this bastion of intercession, teaching of
the Word, and praise and worship. Watch for announcements as we get

If It’s God’s Will, It’s God’s Bill: I made a statement at the Convention that I didn’t want to buy any
tickets to fly overseas until our credit card debt was paid off. (Philip and I have not gone out of the
country for over four and a half years!) We have made progress on paying off the bills, but it’s not
complete yet. Philip and I feel that we are to be at the House of Peace for this 25th Anniversary
celebration, and we also want to draw back and pray in Israel. Please stand in agreement with us that
this need will be met and that we can leave knowing that the bills are paid. And if anyone wants to help us
buy our tickets, we would be very grateful. We just sent Gene and Marylois back and their tickets had to
be put on the credit card again. Please pray and obey, not by compulsion of man or in the soul realm, but
by the prompting of the Holy Spirit!

Jerusalem Summons 2024: We were originally planning a tour this November to celebrate Israel’s 75th
anniversary along with our 25th, but had to cancel it due to extenuating circumstances. So we are joyfully
announcing our tour and Jerusalem Summons event scheduled for October 31-November 11, 2024. The tour
leaders will be Philip and me, Dean Braxton, Mark Bristow, and Claren and Nancy McQueen. We have
added some new sites that even our own leadership team has never seen before! So many new
excavations and discoveries are constantly being made that continue to make the Bible come alive! Do
pray about joining us. Register soon to be able to take full advantage of the monthly payment plan!

Registration is open on our website: https://globaloutpouring.org/event/tour2024/?preview=true.

Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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