Prepare for Fire on the Mountain with Timothy Bence August 26-27, 2022

Prepare for Fire on the Mountain with Timothy Bence

Event details

  • Friday | August 26, 2022 to Saturday | August 27, 2022
  • 7:00 pm
  • (870) 716-2821

We welcome Timothy Bence to the Global Outpouring Glory Tabernacle to “Prepare for Fire on the Mountain”! He will bring us an intimate look into our Father’s heart. This is a divine appointment, and we welcome you to join us for this life-changing event. He will have three sessions to share the deep things that God has shared with him to prepare us to meet with Him face-to-face as He prepares us for His Outpouring.

Enjoy the podcast that Philip and Sharon made with him. You will be deeply inspired by the Holy Spirit. We have received tremendous feedback from this episode. It’s life-changing and will prepare you for the upcoming meetings. Here’s the link:  “Prepare for Fire on the Mountain” with Timothy Bence (119)

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Timothy Bence

Talking to Jesus was a normal part of Timothy’s day from the age of two. In fact, he cannot remember a day in his life without Jesus.

Shortly after turning six, Jesus walked into his room, sat on his bed, and talked to him all night long, showing him things he needed to watch over in his heart and explaining his gifting and calling. Jesus shared much detail about his life and put into him a deep desire to pray and know His ways, not just His acts.

After seeing Jesus face to face, he began to pray much more and learned to seek after God with all of his heart. Almost every night he would take a big world map and spread it out on the floor of his bedroom, and begin praying over nations…weeping over the lost, asking how Jesus would save them. Often travail would last till he either had a sense of peace, or would just fell asleep.

At fifteen Timothy’s life took another dramatic turn when he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire along with seven of his closest friends and they committed to fervent prayer for revival to come to their church and school. Over the next few years, thousands of youths were saved in Moore High School and the Oklahoma City area.

These experiences helped to shape Timothy’s life and deepen his faith in Jesus. Following High School Timothy sold all of his possessions and gave to the poor then traveled the US for about eighteen months. He saw God perform many signs, wonders, and miracles. Even though he has always had a deep and abiding faith and understanding that he was called to preach the gospel, as Timothy began understanding the Kingdom of God, he found that he also had an entrepreneurial edge that led to owning and operating several successful businesses.

Timothy was led by the Lord to prayer walk the Trail of Tears, repenting for the atrocities that were done to the Native Tribes as they were forced out of their lands to reservations in Oklahoma. This led to a ministry of reconciliation.

He has continued to this day to build the Kingdom of God, and has learned to walk in sonship. He helps construct a foundation for others to build on, and instructs many to walk in their gifts, calling, and grace by being a part of the living body of Christ, the Ekklesia. He lives with a promise from the Lord, and growing desire to see whole cities and nations saved where every knee bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord.

Today Timothy keeps a balance between ministry and business. Since returning to Oklahoma, Timothy has helped start several churches and ministries. He travels about 50 percent of the time, preaching and teaching which has extended to almost every State in the US, and to over many nations thus far. He is the founder of a ministry called Jubilee Covenant that is restoring the Tabernacle of David and developing a model for 24-hour prayer, worship, and city structure. He has helped create ministries that provide aid to orphans, widows, and the poor within self-sustainable cities. He has helped start several businesses that are involved in growing food and trade that helps create sustainable communities alongside of mission bases.

He holds a BA in General Studies an MA in International Affairs, and participates locally in many different citywide efforts to bring unity and one accord to the Body of Christ in the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City.


Friday, August 26
7:00 PM

Saturday, August 27
9:30 AM
Noon – Break for Lunch
2:00 PM

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Where to Stay

We will be opening Engeltal for “bed and breakfast” for $35 on Friday night. Accommodations for singles are dormitory-style. We have a few rooms available in our homes with shared bathroom facilities for couples. Attendees will use local restaurants for their other meals or supply their own.

Other options in the area of motels, cabins, and B&Bs are listed on these links:

Newton County Chamber of Commerce



We will be gathering at the Glory Tabernacle, five miles south of Jasper on Arkansas Highway 7, just south of Highway 374. When you call the lodgings listed here, ask how far they are located from the Glory Tabernacle near the intersection of Highway 7 south and Highway 374. Click on the “View Larger Map” on the map below and see some of the lodging locations.

Other hotel options are available in Harrison, AR, approximately 45-50 minutes drive from the Glory Tabernacle. Check your favorite hotel search website (i.e. for options, or call the hotels directly.

Where to Eat

The Cliff House Inn and Restaurant, 1.5 miles from the Ozark Glory Tabernacle

The Ozark Cafe  in Jasper

Subway in Jasper

If you want to get some groceries or other items, visit Harps or the Dollar General in Jasper.

Harrison (about 40 minutes’ drive) has numerous restaurants as well.

This seminar will help you grow in your understanding of eternity and how God intends to use you. Come and attend this entire fascinating event. Don’t miss a minute!

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