“Rich Wounds” Webinar with Sharon Buss

Event details

  • Friday | December 2, 2022 to Saturday | December 3, 2022
  • 7:00 pm

It seems that nobody wants to talk about suffering! We all go through it at times and we can’t bear to even look at the horrific traumas and abuse that go on all around us. Many people have become atheists or agnostics because they can’t wrap their minds around the question: “How can a loving God allow human suffering?” We who are people of faith even wonder sometimes! Our carnal minds cannot comprehend this! But our Father’s ways are so much higher than ours, and He who sees the end from the beginning has always had a Romans 8:28 plan. 

Join us for three sessions, December 2-3, as Sharon Buss unpacks what the Lord showed her of His eternal perspective. Your heart will be comforted and encouraged to trust Him in a deeper way.

On December 2, Friday Night Live Worship will host the first session of teaching from Sharon’s book, Rich Wounds. Everyone can tune in for that normal Friday night session. If you want to go deeper with Sharon in the teaching, you can register here (free). You will immediately receive an email with links to the three sessions as well as links to our online bookstore where you can purchase the book or the downloadable digital version (or both). We will make the donation link available as well so that you can participate in a love offering for the ministry. 

The first session will stream to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, but you will need to register to see the remaining two sessions. Those links will continue to work for at least 90 days, in case you aren’t able to watch during the live session.

Here’s the schedule:

Session 1 – December 2 @ 7:00 pm Central

Session 2 – December 3 @ 9:30 am Central

Session 3 – December 3 @ 12:00 pm Central




***  Please note, we have a new phone number:  (870) 716-2821  ***