Expect an Increase of Power in 2024!

Beloved intercessor,

Glory to God for all that He accomplished in 2023! So many things have gone on (both good and bad) that we are not even aware of — and we have full expectation of Romans 8:28 coming to pass concerning every single detail! And as we stand at the brink of this New Year of 2024, we pray that you will be blessed in extraordinary ways in your growth and success in things of both Earth and Heaven!!

We apologize that we weren’t able to send out a prayer letter in December. We came under attack, so to speak, on multiple fronts. Our Internet connection failed on December 11, and our new phone system is carried by the Internet, so we also lost our telephone communications. The technician came a time or two and explained to us that our equipment was old and they needed to replace it. We were some of the first to receive fiber optic Internet in our county, so the cutting edge technology that they had when they installed it is now archaic. They had been promising for some time to update that equipment, but they had to update something up line from us first. So now that they upgraded whatever it was up line, our connection failed. Days went by while we waited for the technicians to reconfigure the routing and install the new equipment. Over two weeks later, we discovered that the technician who had come had gone on vacation, assigning someone else to do it, who didn’t. Thankfully our cell phones still worked, but no one who didn’t know our cell numbers could call in, and we couldn’t do business over the Internet as we normally do.

During that time, our webstore was hit with credit card fraud, and that shut down our account that processes credit cards. So while we were having a Christmas sale, some people weren’t able to make their credit cards work on our web store, nor could they call us to find out what was wrong! We are still working on getting that account replaced. Thankfully, PayPal and our donation page are still working.

Now that we are in a new year, if you are feeling led to do so, you can go to our donation page and set up a one time or recurring donation. If you want to give monthly, a recurring payment is a simple way to make sure that your donation gets here without you having to remember to write a check for it. We are so grateful for those faithful monthly gifts, no matter what size they are! Click HERE to donate! 

Over the last couple of years, the propane company we have been using began skyrocketing their prices. We had been using them for decades, but they became a huge corporate entity that wasn’t interested in servicing us “little guys” out in the country anymore. So we have been in the process of trying to replace the nine propane tanks we have been renting from them by purchasing used ones from individuals, so that we could buy propane from whoever in the area had the lowest price. One of the tanks we purchased turned out to have a leaky valve that was irreparable. For months and months, we were trying to deal with this large propane company to get them to take away the tanks that we no longer wanted to rent from them, but it was almost impossible to find someone we could actually talk to in the United States. When we finally reached someone in the Philippines, there were no notes from the previous conversations! Then a miracle happened! We finally found someone we could negotiate with to actually purchase the tanks that we have been renting. Would you believe God with us for the finances to be able to own these tanks that we have been renting all these years? We know that they are functional, and we won’t have to move them. We have three 250 gallon tanks at a cost of $400 each ($1200), three 500 gallon tanks for $650 each ($1950), and one 1000 gallon tank for $1500. Perhaps you would like to help with this overall purchase of $4650.

Heavenly Language

We hope that you have been enjoying the podcasts that we have been making. We are reaching many nations, and have been deeply encouraged by the occasional feedback we have received. The Lord is definitely using this podcast to help people grow in their walk with God. Recently we interviewed John and Linda Thomas in two episodes (John Thomas Part 1 & Linda Thomas Part 2). Part of their testimony is how God used John’s obedience to the Holy Spirit to pray in tongues for one hour a day for 21 days and then do a seven day Daniel fast. In that process, God delivered him from an addiction to pornography and delivered his wife from an addiction to alcohol. Their household was transformed!

Philip and I were both stirred in our spirits by this testimony to increase our commitment to pray in tongues more. Then we recorded a podcast on the subject that came out on Tuesday (click HERE to listen). Many books have been written about it, and many sermons preached on the subject. But I found it interesting that as we are coming into the new year, several prophetic voices have been giving the word that it’s important that we as the Body of Christ increase our praying in tongues.

Decade of Pe: I believe that this emphasis on using the language that God has given us by His Spirit to pray and uncover mysteries and secrets from God (1 Cor 14:2) is a key part of the decade that we are in that is signified by the Hebrew letter Pe. You have probably heard teachings about this, and I think I have written about it as well, that it is critical in this time that we be cautious about our words.

As I was studying in the book of Jude on the subject of tongues, I saw something I hadn’t seen before. We often quote verse 20 about how praying in the Holy Ghost builds us up in our most holy faith. But I hadn’t really seen it in its context as a comparison with the wicked ones who are busy speaking against God, flattering for their own gain, scoffing, grumbling , complaining and faultfinding—all actions of the mouth. Jude is commenting about them and their future judgment. Then Jude addresses the Believers: “BUT YOU, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, KEEP YOURSELVES IN THE LOVE OF GOD, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” Jude 1:20-21

Jude then instructs his readers to help those who are wavering in doubt (perhaps having been listening to the negative words of the wicked) and snatching them from the fire, being careful not to be drawn away into the temptations to sin.

So in this serious time that we have entered, although we are seeing wickedness all around us, and we are hearing the words of those whose hearts are turned away from God, our job is to keep ourselves in the love of God, looking for His mercy on those who have the potential to repent. This is accomplished by building ourselves up in our most holy faith, expanding in compassion, discernment, boldness to witness, revelation of the scriptures, and everything else that comes by praying in the Spirit!

We challenge you to join us in our commitment to increase the level of our praying in tongues with the expectation of increasing the level of the Holy Spirit activity in our lives! We anticipate a greater anointing and greater manifestation of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit as we interact with Him!

Focus on yielding your heart and mind to the Holy Spirit to co-operate with Him, allowing Him to pray through you what is on our Father’s heart. Every time you find that you have lost focus, just come back to that place where you are engaged. Don’t allow accusative thoughts to distract you. Just keep coming back! It’s not unusual for your mind to wander for the first ten to twenty minutes. Don’t be condemned for that. Just keep coming back. The more you practice, the faster you will be at getting back on track. Eventually you will find that this will silence the “brain chatter” that you find so distracting.

Realize that as you are praying in tongues, you are speaking mysteries or secrets to God. Paul spoke more in tongues than all of the Corinthians he was addressing in chapter 14. It is of little wonder, then, that Paul had such abundance of revelation that he was able to write the vast majority of the New Testament. So expect your revelation level to increase as you study the word, and anticipate an increase in prophetic revelation, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, etc. These are the tools we need in these days! And the door to this increase is praying in tongues! Perhaps you have already heard that in the Hebrew number for this year, the four is represented by the letter dalet, which means door!




It is time for us to return to travailing intercession!


As we anticipate the soon coming of the Lord, let us pray for the Spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the parents back to their children and the children back to their parents! So many sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of faithful saints have been drawn away into doubt by the wicked words they’ve been introduced to via social media (Malachi 4:1-6).

Pray for our Father’s heart for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will cause our sons and daughters to prophesy!

Pray for those from broken homes with absentee fathers.

Pray for the hearts of Islamists to love their children more than they hate Israel.

Repent for the judgments that otherwise godly people speak against their children and grandchildren when they are caught up in doubt and sin. These judgments can be used against our loved ones as an expert witness in the courts of Heaven. Speak destiny, prophecies, reversal of works of darkness. Pray for them in tongues!

If you haven’t begun to speak in tongues yet, you can start with groaning and sighing. If you have received Jesus into your life, the Holy Spirit is already there! Ask Him to pour out His spirit on you, baptizing you inside and out with an increase. Then, just as you received salvation by faith, tell Him that you are going to trust Him to give you language.

 Expect the Outpouring! 

Shortly after Hanukkah, Philip was being quiet before the Lord and received the following word. It’s a wonderful encouragement to be looking for in 2024! ~Sharon

New beginnings – Philip Buss

In my prayer time as the new year was coming in, this is what I heard:

“You may think that Hanukkah is over but it is just the beginning. This feast of dedication—this is the beginning of a new season of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. This is going to be a new season of the outpouring of the glory of the Lord and it is going to look different than we have all imagined. Things we have done in the past are not going to work as before, as the circumstances of the world have changed.”

In ministry, it is easy to hide behind someone else, even your own spouse. So it is a time of breaking out of your self-made cocoon, spread your wings, and fly into what God has for you. If you’re comfortable in your nest, it is time to get out of the nest before the Holy Spirit pushes you out.

So JUMP!!!

Thank you so much! We are deeply grateful for every way in which you connect with us and stand with us in prayer and in giving! We sure appreciate you and pray God‘s richest blessings for you in the coming days, months, and year!

Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip

P.S. Mark your calendars for the upcoming conferences we will be hosting here at Engeltal this year!

  • Convention 2024 will be held at the Ozark Glory Tabernacle on June 11th – 14th.
  • The annual Generation Awakening Youth Retreat will be this summer on July 10th – 13th. 
  • Supernatural School of Translation by Faith is scheduled for September 2nd – 7th. 
  • A life-changing Seminar teaching Heavenly Authority with Dean Braxton will be on November 2nd. 

Check back often as more information will be posted soon! 

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