Expressions of the Heart!

Beloved Intercessors,

Love and greetings from the Plains of Illinois! Philip and I are on a brief journey — a sort of mission of mercy and relationship building trip. Latter Rain Ministries, founded by the late Gwen Davis (we called her “the other Sister Gwen,” who also played the accordion and went to the nations), put out the word a couple of months ago that they’ve been praying desperately for a 15-passenger van. Just five months earlier we had given away a 15-passenger van and a minivan to two other ministries in need. Sister Gwen Shaw had set the precedent for us to always sow our used vehicles into other ministries, knowing that the Lord will use that seed to meet our needs from His abundance in other ways. 

Donna Kazenske, the new Director of Latter Rain Ministries, and their staff expressed their very deep gratitude to us and to the Lord for as we brought this provision of their need. It is a real blessing and a privilege to obey God when He has put something in our hands intending us to pass it on!

Please believe God with us for a four-wheel-drive 12- or 15-passenger van that will be more practical for going up and down our mountain road.

Ministry Friends: Since we were coming to the Midwest, we made arrangements to visit Michael and Gordana Van Vlymen in Indiana, enjoying sweet fellowship with them. Then we were able to rendezvous with Tony and Deborah Kemp and also had a wonderful, warm visit with them.

We are on our way now to Saint Charles, Missouri to fellowship with Ed and Lyn Walton. We are planning to participate in the Firewall Prayer Call from their home tonight. 

Marylois and Gene have been covering for us since we’ve been on this trip. We know that it has been difficult for them not to be in Jerusalem this last whole year, but we believe that God has kept them in America for such a time as this. There’s never been a more important time in America for the intercessors to be rallying than now! We hope you will be able to join us as you are able for this prayer call. We believe that God is moving mountains as we participate with Him for His purposes in the earth. (See the side bar for the details of how to dial in and join us in intercession.)

Convention 2021: As I mentioned in our last prayer letter, we are gearing up for our annual convention June 29-July 2. We are planning to hold it at the Glory Tabernacle at the top of a mountain. Although we will be live streaming this event, there will be space for a somewhat limited congregation to be present for the meetings. Do pray about coming. There are a number of local motels and cabins in the area. 

Virtual Blue Mountain Christian Retreat: Due to the continued uncertainty of travel and meeting in the northeast, we will again hold our “Blue Mountain Retreat” virtually from Engeltal. The dates are May 14-15, so plan to join us on our YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Friday Night Live Worship Returns! Ever since November 4, we have been hosting our nightly Firewall Prayer Call at 6 PM central time. At the time, we felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to lay aside our Friday Night Live Worship services to pour our strength into intercession every night. A couple of weeks ago, I felt the leading of the Lord to set our sights back on holding those services on Friday nights. We are scheduled to restart that next Friday night, March 12, and from then on, there will be NO PRAYER CALL ON FRIDAYS.

We also feel that we are to have a bilingual service with English and Spanish once a month. And from time to time, we plan to have other guest speakers as the Lord leads. Be watching for our announcements as the details come together.

Update Your Profile: At the bottom of every email that you receive from us through an email blast, you will find a link that says, “Update Your Profile.” If you click on that link, you can modify the lists that you are on to receive emails from us. We are hoping to put out a newsletter soon with more details about the convention that will go to the list called “Quarterly Letters.” I apologize that we didn’t even get one out during 2020, but we are hoping to do better this year! We also have a list called “General Interest” to which we send notifications of our podcasts when they come out on Tuesdays with a link directly there so that you can go and listen to each new episode. If we have other items of interest, we will send emails to that list. You are getting this email because you are on the “Prayer Letter List. “ There is also an “Emergency Prayer Requests” list if you are an intercessor and would like to be notified of urgent prayer needs that come up on occasion. So please click on that link if you want to add or take away from any of the lists that you might be on or might want to be on.

New Telephone System: We are excited to be making progress toward the new telephone system!  The men that are putting the package together have discovered a way that they can shave at least $2500 off of the original estimate without sacrificing any quality in the system, hallelujah! We continue to ask the Lord to give them words of wisdom and words of knowledge everywhere they are needed to make this a really good system that will last us many years and save lots of money in monthly charges. As the Lord told Moses to give the people an opportunity to give toward the construction of the tabernacle, I feel to share this need with you to give you an opportunity to help us upgrade our communication system. If you find your heart is willing, we will be grateful for any gift of any size! And you will have invested in something that will help us reach the nations.

Thank you! We so greatly appreciate your love and prayers and for every way that you stand with us and you’re giving! We are very grateful!

Your handmaiden and servant,

Sharon and Philip

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