Feast of the Epiphany or “Three King’s Day!”

“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king,
behold there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
Saying, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For
we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship
him” (Lk. 2:1-2).

“The kings of Tarshish (Spain) and of the isles shall bring
presents: the kings of Sheba and Seba (Ethiopia and
Arabia) shall offer gifts. Yea, all the kings shall fall down
before him: all nations shall serve him” (Ps. 72:11).

Dear Intercessors for Israel:

Epiphany Greetings! Today, brings us to the Feast of the Epiphany or the
manifestation of the Christ to the gentiles. It commemorates the visit of the Wise
men to see the Messiah and is also called “Three King’s day!” Their visit also
possibly fulfilled the scripture in Psalms 72: 10. And while the Bible doesn’t say
these visitors were kings, but only wise men, tradition accords they were kings
from the East. Their names were Casper from Persia (Iran), Melchior from India
and Balthasar from Arabia or Ethiopia. Whether they actually existed or not,
really doesn’t matter. The truth is it is a good reason to pray for the believers in
these far-away lands. Christianity is growing in Iran, India and Arabia, despite the
persecutions. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi
has even publicly expressed concern over Iranian Muslims converting into
Christianity (www.radiofarda.com). Matthew writes that “this gospel of the
kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then
shall the end come.” This increase in converts in these nations is another great
sign that our redemption draweth nigh.

Marylois and I have recently returned from Jerusalem and are again “wintering
over” at the Global Outpouring Ministry headquarters in Arkansas. We have had a
very busy three months in Israel, with many guests from all over the world, ministry
and needed repairs to the House. It was hard to leave, with so many friends and
on-going table ministry. We hosted a Hanukkah-Christmas event last month and
the house was full mostly from our Wednesday prayer group, with others too from
ministries such as Succat Hallel, Christ-Church in the Old City, and the
ICEJ. Jerusalem is all about “table ministry.” We are planning to do a quick
“turnaround” and look to being back “on watch” in Jerusalem perhaps Mid-February.
January brings with it the yearly tax assessment bill or “arnona,” for the House of
Peace. It’s time to “bless Jerusalem,” so we can continue to give God the glory in
Global Outpouring’s Jerusalem’s House of Peace. To help us meeting this need,
please send your gift to Global Outpouring either via our web site
(www.globaloutpouring.org) or to P.O. Box 447, Jasper Arkansas. Please annotate
on the donation page or your check that it is for the House of Peace.

Israel’s New Government:

Prime Minister Netanyahu, after weeks of negotiations with his coalition parties
finally presented a government to the Knesset. One might say, it is also the most
contentious assembly of ministers yet, with many from ultra-right religious orthodox
parties. How long they can all work together to govern a nation that is already
divided with many secular and socialistic supports remains to be seen.

This new administration brings with it 31 ministers who will head the various
departments in the government. They are 17 ministers who are from the Likud,
including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, Justice Minister Yariv Levin, Foreign
Minister Eli Cohen, Education Minister Yoav Kisch and Gila Gamliel as Intelligence

Five ministers are from Shas (a political party which primarily represents the
interests of Sephardic and Mizrahi Haredi Jews) including chairman Aryeh Deri
(Who was convicted of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in 1999), and will now
serve as both Health and Interior Minister, Religious Affairs Minister Michael
Malkieli and Labor and Social Services Minister Ya’acov Margi.

There are three ministers each from the Religious Zionist Party (RZP) and Otzma
Yehudit, including RZP chairman Bezalel Smotrich as Finance Minister and
Otzma’s Itamar Ben Gvir as National Security Minister.

Two ministers are from United Torah Judaism – chairman Yizhak Goldknopf is
Housing and Construction Minister, and Meir Porush is Jerusalem and Tradition
Minister – the new name for what used to be the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry.
The Heritage Ministry was broken off and given to Otzma’s Amichai
Eliyahu. Finally, former Israeli ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, is Strategic
Affairs Minister.

I am listing the names of these 31 ministers, and the speaker of the Knesset in the
next paragraph so that you can pray! Print up their names and lay your hands on
these people and intercede. Ask God to move among them for the good of
Israel. Pray for salvation, unity and that party politics and personal agenda’s will
not take precedence over the needs of the nation.

New Knesset Leader

MK Amir Ohana holds the number three position in Israel’s new government after
the Prime Minister and the President. He represents Likud and fills in for
Netanyahu when the PM is either away or unable to fulfill his duties. This is a
position of great power as he sets what bills can be presented to the Knesset and
recognizes speakers. He is Israel’s first openly gay minister.

During his speech, Ohana as head of the new Knesset stressed that the incoming
government “will not harm a single child or a single family,” in an attempt to quiet
public fears over possible harm to LGBT followers from some of the coalition’s
Haredi or far-right parties. Seven years ago, when Ohana was first sworn in as a
MK, many of the Haredi MKs walked out.

Three Goals for the Nation

Netanyahu in his acceptance speech as Israel’s newly elected Prime Minister
pledged that his government would seek to achieve three “national goals.” First,
would be the prevention of a nuclear Iran, second would be the creation of a bullet
train to run the length of the country and third, to bring more peace agreements
with other Arab countries. He said his administration would also look for ways to
lower the high cost of living.

Pool of Siloam

One of Israel’s most popular attractions has been the “City of David” which covers
not only the ruins of David’s city but also Hezekiah’s tunnel and the 2,700-year-old
pool of Siloam. This pool is where the springs of Gihon exit and biblically was
where the blind man at Jesus’ direction washed his eyes and was healed (Jn.
9:7). For years, this ancient site remained only half excavated. The remainder of
the pool was hidden away under mounds of dirt and fig trees. This half was
administrated by the Greek Orthodox church. Finally, an agreement has been
worked out by Israel’s Antiquities Authority (IAA) that the rest of the Pool will be
excavated and completely open for visitors. This is good news and is one more
site that helps bring the Bible to life!

May your New Year 2023 be blessed!

Gene and Marylois, House of Peace



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