February 10: Why Shouldn’t I Be Proud of You?

Why shouldn’t I be proud of you?

Your nature sucks your joy away in the moment of a job well done. Yes, you were right not to allow pride to rise up in that moment, but I want you to experience “the joy of the Lord” that “is your strength.”

Part of the life of Heaven on earth is being able to hear “well done, thou good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joy of the Lord” now. You don’t have to wait for crossing over into eternity to begin to experience that joy.

I take pleasure in you, My child. I want you to begin taking pleasure in My pleasure in you. You have begun in a very small measure to take pleasure in Me, but you shun experiencing My pleasure in you.

Your mind dwells on your shortcomings instead of My everlasting mercy, lovingkindness, chesed, “long comings” that fill in your gaps. Let go and abandon yourself to My love and perfection.

I am abiding in you and you are clothed in My righteousness. I see no spot in you, for I only see Myself and I have no shortcomings or spots.

I am tuning you to My  frequency of love. Trust Me. Joy in Me.



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