February 18: I Can Show You My Ways

Scripture Reading—Psalm 25:1-13

“Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.” (Psalm 25:4)

It is only the purest of My saints who truly seek for guidance. Most of them act like they want My will and say they want  My will, but when I look deep into their hearts, this is not what I see.

Total commitment is a quality that is very hard to find, for in My children there is an unholy search for self-glorification and comforts. Their motives are not pure.

I loved David because his heart was pure. He truly desired My will more than the throne of Israel. He was meek, and that is why he could be led and guided, for this Psalm says of a truth, “The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his ways” (verse 9).

Are you meek and humble enough to be led—not only in what you should do, but what you should be? Can you take correction? Can you receive instruction? Can you endure the misunderstandings and the false accusations? Can you accept the blame—rightly or wrongly? Can you let Me stop you from doing that which is not My perfect will for you? Can you ask forgiveness, not of those you have offended, but who have offended you?

These are some of the qualifications of My greatness. Those who measure up are the ones whom I can truly lead and guide into the way of pure glory and light. Don’t wait to be perfect before you ask Me to bring you into this light and glory. It is the light and the glory that will make you perfect. Meditate much on this Psalm, for in it lies the secret of true greatness and true guidance.

You ask Me to lead you. Ask me rather to change you into My likeness, because where I will lead you will depend on what I can do in you. If I can perfect you and if I can trust you, I can lead you higher and into greater ministries than I can if you continue to remain in your imperfect condition.

Let Me tell about the beautiful crystal bowl that a woman purchased. She saw the tiny flaw in the bowl, but she liked the cut and design so much that she thought, “If I can get it for halfprice, I will purchase it.” After showing the bowl to the manager of the store, and pointing out the tiny flaw in the glass, she was able to get a marked discount. Happily she took it home, rinsed it out and set it on the breakfast table filled with raspberry jam. She was so proud of it. When the jam was in the bowl, it was impossible to even see the flaw.

After breakfast, she scooped out the jam and started to wash out the bowl. It fell apart in her hands. The tiny flaw became a cleavage that split the bowl apart in the hot water.

Some of My children are like that. They have tiny flaws, almost invisible to the naked eye. I dare not put them to the test. I cannot make any investment in their lives. So they spend their lifetime sitting on the shelf. They are beautiful, but they are unusable. I can never guide them into My perfect will because the heat of the day would destroy them. So I let them sit.

Ask Me to remove all your flaws so I can use you and fill you with My glory and My beauty.


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