February 2: Your Body Is the Temple of God Which Will Be Resurrected in Glory

Scripture Reading: John 2:18-22

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” (John 2:19)

After I drove out the greedy moneychangers the whole area was in an uproar. These men had given big bribes to those in leadership so that they could maintain their location in the Temple area. By being driven out of their profitable business it affected many influential people. They were angry at Me, very angry!

They confronted me with taunting words, “What miraculous sign can you show us to prove you have the right to do all this?” they asked Me.

I answered them in a way in which I tried to make them think. I wanted them to realize that the greatest “Temple,” from where the worship should always ascend to heaven, and where true sacrifices should be made, was their own bodies.

I knew they would soon desire to kill Me. Anger leads to hatred and hatred leads to murder. That is why it is important that you never allow anger to control you and dig its roots into you.

I gave them a prophetic warning. If they would have had ears to hear they would have known what a dreadful role they were soon to play. It would not be long before they would kill Me. And after My resurrection they would believe in Me, because My resurrection would be the sign that they needed to have in order to believe that I am the Son of God. And because I am the Son of God I have the authority to cleanse the Temple, and human “temples” also.

But they never heard what I was really saying. They were so full of pride in their Temple that, to them, it was greater than the God for Whom it was built, for He was standing in their midst, talking to them, and they were rejecting Him. And this has been repeated over and over until his day. I would not be welcome in many churches, cathedrals and synagogues if I were to visit them today.

Greed for more, anger, hatred and pride blinded them. If any of these things are in your heart, it will blind you also.

So search your heart today and purify it, for that is the place where I want to abide — even in your heart. And how can I live in it if there is sin in it?

Because My Temple (My body and heart) was pure I could rise again. And if you keep your heart pure you too shall rise again on the resurrection morning, when all the dead in Christ shall rise and *”the Glory of His resurrection share.”

*Taken from the Hymn “I Shall Know Him,” by Fanny J. Crosby.


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