February 24: Back to the Subject

Lord, I want to be Your subject, totally submitted and subjected to You. I want to take You as my “subject” to study, continuously observing You in wonder and delight my “favorite subject.” I delight in You, Lord!

And I delight in you, My child. Thank you for persisting in returning your thoughts to Me as you are prompted, I appreciate that in My children. Your  dependence on Me will prepare you  for the tasks that lie ahead.

Continue to practice being still and knowing Me. This will continue throughout eternity. Practice now on earth as it is in Heaven where there are no hindrances. The more you overcome and press through into My Presence, the more My Presence will be manifested in the earth and will dislodge and dispel the hindrances so that multitudes will discover Me and be set free.


In Quietness and Confidence by Sharon Buss
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