February 25: My Times Are in Your Hands

Scripture Reading—Psalm 31:9-15

“My times are in thy hand:…” (Psalm 31:15)

The moments, the hours, the days, and the years of your life are in My care. I am leading you and guiding your life. There is nothing that can throw you off schedule when you are living and walking in My will.

The blueprint for your life was made before you were conceived. There is a timetable for everything. You must never fear that you will miss My best for your life as long as you are willing to obey Me and do all My will.

Sometimes you may feel that you are too late or too early.

But even in the delays, I am planning out that which is best for you.

My child, I am going to show you My will even in your disappointments. There has no evil come into your life that was not permitted by Me. I allowed these things to happen to show you My glory and My love for you.

You must not fret or worry about anything. Your days are in My hands. I will meet your every need. I will lead you and guide you and show you My glory and My power to supply your needs and to make a way for you.

Your times are in My hands. If necessary, I can make the sun stand still like I did for Joshua (Joshua 10:13). I have the schedule of your life ever before Me and I will guide you one day at a time. Be anxious for nothing. I am God. I am in control. There is nothing too hard for Me.


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