For Australia

To Australia

Word of the Lord through Gwen Shaw
Adelaide. Australia. November 30, 1988

Yea, My people, I say unto thee that with God nothing shall be impossible, for if thou wilt seek My face (thou has heard it very clearly) it was when the Saints prayed that revival came. And if you will seek My face in prayer, I will not pass you by. I will visit you, also. I will send you a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I have looked over from the balustrades of Heaven and I have looked over your nation of Australia and I have wept for your nation, saith the Lord. And I have desired many times to send revival, but I have not found the vessels yet that I can use for that last great outpouring. Here I have sent one, and there I have sent one. Here I have used one and there I have used one. But the Lord says, now I will need many vessels for your nation has grown. It has become a great nation.

I crossed with you across the seas. When you came in the hold of the ship, when you came with your hearts broken, when you came with your tears, when you came in your loneliness and your despair, I was with you on those great ships as you crossed the mighty waters to this place. I watched as the bodies of your loved ones and your families that died in the way were thrown overboard.

I saw you come to this land of darkness, a land of waste. And I was with you as you pioneered this land. I was with you as you buried your wives and your little ones because there were no medical facilities available. 1 was with your midwives as they went into the mountains to deliver your newborn. I was with you as you struggled through the heat and the cold, and I did not forsake you though you were the rejected brother, though you were cast off from your older brother. I was with you as I was with Joseph. I was with you, and I brought you out of your prison chains, and I set you all free-you are all sons and daughters of freedom now. And I have blessed you even as I blessed Joseph in Pharaoh’s courts, and I filled your granaries and your storehouses, saith the Lord.

What have you done with My great supply’? Have you fed the nations to the north of you, to the east, and to the west? Have you reached out? Have you sent your missionaries? Have you sent your ambassadors’? I gave you so much: what have you done with what I have given you?
I shall require it of your hands, that which I have prospered you with, My children. Yea, and I call you. I call you here as ye sit here in your comfort. I call you to stir up your soul and call upon Me as you have never called upon Me before. For the Lord says, I will send a wind and blow it all away if you do not plant it now for Me and use it for Me, saith the Lord. Yea, now is the time for your heart to be touched. Now is the time for your heart to reach out. Now is the time for your eyes to see the nations afar off.

Yea, you have had money to go to this nation and that nation, to tour and to relax, and to see the cities. But I ask you to do works for Me. Yea, do My work. Send out your young missionaries, empowered and endued with the Holy Ghost. Yea, support them. Let them not worry how they shall be fed and how they shall be clothed, or wherewithal they shall even find the suste­nance to feed their young. But stand behind them-be generous with others as I have been with you, and I will bless you, saith the Lord. For the hour has come when Australia is being weighed on the scales, saith the Lord, and I love you. I loved you because you were small in your own sight. I loved you because you were cast out, and you have been very special to Me, saith the Lord. You have been My little “Joseph” nation. You have been My beloved nation. And now, saith the Lord, I require of you that you shall indeed arise like Joseph of old and feed the hungry nations with the Bread of Life.

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