For Britain

For Britain

Given through Gwen Shaw at Norwich, England
on August 12,1986.

England, England, you shall see the Lord. Yea, this nation out of which some of My greatest sons and daughters rose up and from whence they went to the nations of the world, and from whence they went forth with the message of life and deliverance; I say unto you, My beloved England, I love you as a father loves his son, even his firstborn son, for you have been as a firstborn son unto Me.

And I have seen how Satan has shaken you. He has sifted you. He has tried to destroy you. He’s tried to make you without strength and as if you had no more power left. Yea, and your neighbours looked at you, and they have said,” Can any good thing come out of The British Isles again? Yea, can the Spirit of the Lord visit these cities and towns and these villages?”

And I say unto you,” I will answer their questions. I will answer their unbelief. I will answer it in a positive way, for I will raise up not one, not two, not six, but multitudes. Yea, there shall be multitudes. Yea, there shall be multitudes that shall arise out of your towns, and your great metropolises, and they shall again stand. They shall stand in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the anointing. And they shall go out this way, and they shall go out that way, and they shall bring seasons of refreshing and restoration into the isles, yea, even the isles of the sea, beginning with the father island.”

Yea, and the Lord says,” I have not yet begun to do the work that I shall do in this place.” For the Lord says,” ‘This is but the very, very foothills of a mountain experience in Me. And I will release unto you the finances that you shall be able to do the work I have called you to do. For I say that in the glory is every provision of power, and anointing, and strength, and finances, and vision, and purpose, and ability. All that My children seed is in the glory. Therefore, come ye, come ye and draw sigh, and receive of that anointing that you might fulfill our destiny. ”

“For England, England, My sons and My daughters, you have missed the mark. You have not yet been that which I raised you up to be. Yea, you began, and as that great revival has been in your midst in times past, have I not used your sons, even your daughters, to bring a nation to their knees and to call for righteousness and holiness. But you have become accustomed to the sins in your land, and you have not seen the sins anymore. Therefore, the angels of wrath have come down and they have inspected your cities. Yea, they have found your Sodoms and they have found your Gomorrahs, and yea, the judgment of the Lord hangs over the cities.”

“But it is not My desire to send the judgement. It is My desire to send the rain, even the rain of My glory, that you might be a refreshed people, that you might be a strong people, that you might be a mighty people. Yea, for I have built into your character that which is in very few nations: for you are a people of sincerity: you are a people of honesty; you are a people of exactness. And I will use your character, “says the Lord, “and it shall be a strong weapon in My hands. Yea, it shall be a strong weapon in My hands to apply you to diligence, that you might search out the answers, that you might go forth as My spy army, and that you may overthrow the works of iniquity and the works of Satan, and that you shall indeed do the works of the Lord your God.”

For I say; ” The church has come to birth, and I call for the intercessors. I’ve called for the women to go forth into their prayer closet, but you have been negligent. You have not been diligent, My daughters, to answer My call to come into the prayer closet, and therefore, when the hour has come for you to give birth to the sons of the Most High God to stand in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, there has not been strength to bring them forth, but I call you this night that you might turn your faces to seek Me, for this is the hour of the birthing; this is the hour of revelation; this is the hour in which the enemy, even the dragon, must be cheated out of his prey, and he shall not have the prey he has sought for in the British Isles. He shall not have it,” says the Lord.

“You are My chosen vessel ,My peculiar treasure, saith the Lord, and I have anointed you to go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit. You shall be strong. You shall do exploits. The miracle ministry shall not be something you read about that happens in far-off places, but will be something that happens from your hand. For I will anoint you with fresh oil, and that oil will transform, and it will change, and it will heal, and it will cause the Spirit of God to come dawn as you act in faith and obedience to do that which I call upon you to do.”

And the Lord says, “In this day I am preparing a great outpouring of My Holy Spirit. Yea, and it is already moving from My throne room. It is moving from My prescence. Yea, and the eyes of the Lord search to and fro throughout the land to show Himself strong on behalf of those who put their trust in Him.”

And I say unto you, “I am coming, and I am coming in the rain. I am coming in the glory, and I am coming in the fulfillment of My promises that I have given through My servants.”

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