For Canada – Number Two

for Canada

Given by Gwen R. Shaw , who was born and raised in Canada.
Engeltal, Jasper, Arkansas, USA, September 21, 2005

The oceans are roaring. Yea, this is the day in which the stars shall tremble in their places in the sky and in the heavens. This is the day when earth itself shall shake. For I will shake everything that can be shaken. For this is the day of the Lord’s visitation. The coming of the Lord is at hand and My people know it not. Yea they are sleeping and slumbering in their spirit of indifference, in their love of the world and the pleasures of the world, says the Lord. And because you are not awake, I will awaken you with a shaking, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, I will say unto Winnipeg that I am calling upon you in this hour to stand up and take your place in My eternal economy. You have a part to play in the time clock of God, says the Lord, Yea, and I have not in vain placed in your city the vital television ministry of Willard and Betty Thiessen. Yea, this is a new day, it IS a new day, says the Lord; but it is not only a happy day and glorious day, and victory day, but it is also a day of judgment, says the Lord. I am going to use the heart of Canada, yea, even the very heart of the province of Manitoba. The heart of the province of Manitoba is the city of Winnipeg and I will use it as I did in the days of yore, yea in days of long ago, when I used that city to send the Pentecostal Revival from Azusa Street throughout Canada; and I will send revival now again one more time….

Winnipeg is the heartbeat of Canada. Yea, it is the heartbeat of the nation that I love, says the Lord. I separated you from out of all the nations of the world. I separated Canada. Yea, I did not let them get involved with many of the things that other nations are involved with, but I kept you aside, secluded from all the affairs of the world, but you have become a place where there has been much political strife, much political playing around.

The Lord says, I have been grieved by your politics, and I am going to raise up a new generation?—?a generation that shall love Me and seek to please Me, and seek to obey Me and walk in My ways, says the Lord. And because they have been faithful, the Lord says, I will give them the heartbeat of Canada. And I will give them a ministry and power and a strength and authority in that nation, says the Lord. For I am tired and I am weary and I am grieved over the generation of yesterday and the generation of today that has been disobedient to the voice of the Lord and has walked in sin and unrighteousness. For this is the day, the Lord says, I call the nation of Canada back to holiness. I am calling you, Canada, back to holiness, I am calling you back to righteousness, I am calling you to walk as a straight and upward nation, says the Lord, because you are precious to Me, says the Lord.

Yea, you are to be the breeze that blows upon America, a refreshing breeze, says the Lord. But instead, you have failed in your calling. But the Lord says, one more time will I visit you. One more time will I come and walk in your midst, says the Lord. Therefore, be not proud and haughty but be humble and walk lowly and prepare your hearts, says the Lord, for this is the day of that visitation.

And I will use the First Nations people of Canada. Yea, I love the First Nations of Canada. For yea, I say unto you, I warn you, My people, I will let you have their land for a while. You have been their guest in their land, but you thought it was your land. But you have been only guests in their land, for it was theirs through the foundations of the earth; but if you are not careful, I will remove you from that land and I will give it back to the original owners, says the Lord. So therefore, walk humbly all of you and walk in relationships of love and fellowship. For the Lord says, I am the God Who can evacuate a city in 24 hours. If I can evacuate a city in 24 hours, I can evacuate an entire nation in not much more time than that.

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