For Iraq and Kuwait

For The Church and America
Re: Persian Gulf/Iraq-Kuwait Emergency
Given by Gwen R. Shaw, 1990

Concerning the situation in the Middle East, the Lord would clarify things to thee this day; for the Lord would say unto thee: “I have watched and I have observed, and I have caused much to happen. And what has happened is because of the sins-even the sins of this nation. Yea, I have given blindness to leaders, and I have caused veils of deception to fall over the eyes of those whose hearts are lifted up in pride and who have not sought My face and have not bent their knee to Me,” saith the Lord.

“And I say unto thee that the nations that have gathered together-even in the land of warfare and battle-even in the land of Nimrod…I say unto thee that these nations have come up together in their time, yea, they have come up in their time. And my children, I say unto thee that even though it is in their time, that it is not in My time; for My time is another lime. But they have come because they have moved in their own realm, and they have moved in their own pride. And they have moved in their own ungodliness and their own wisdom, and their wisdom is limited. They have not known My ways, nor known, nor heard My voice, nor walked carefully before Me,” with the Lord your God.

“And 1 say unto thee that for every soldier That is there on the field there are 10,000 demon spirits that are warring a h a; warfare. Yea, 1 say unto thee that they are under terrible oppression, such as you have never dreamed, nor heard, nor seen, nor perceived in thine own life. Yea, I say unto thee that there is a terrible demonic attack, even against the soldiers that have barbered together. Yea, and unless thou lost pray, this thing shall be unleashed and thou shall know such bloodshed as thou bast never known. Yea, I say onto thee that if thou dolt not pray-if thou doer not fast-if thou doer not seek My face …. Yea, children of God, if thou doer not fall upon thy knees-if thou dolt not seek the face of thy God with all earnestness and all humility-with all abasement, I say unto thee that thou shall sing, America …. Thou shah sing the greatest funeral dirge that thou bast ever sung! Yea, for thou shall weep, and thou shall sing [a song of mourning] as thy sons are brought home to thee nn liters upon liters. And yea, I say that thou shall not even recognize the countenance of thy children.

“Yea, I say unto thee that this is an hour-an hour of judgment.” The Lord would say unto thee, “Prepare your hearts, America. Prepare your hearts, ye nations of freedom. For thou art even now stepping into cages: Cages of bondage, cages of fear, cages of threatening, in which thou shall be reduced to another kind of a personality that thou bast never known before. For thou bast been proud in thy ways, but thou shall cower in fear. Thou shall be filled with dismay, unless thou dust turn thy face to Me with all humility and repentance. Turn from thy wicked ways. Yea, America, I call you to bring back the Bible into the school. Yea, put the Word of God back before your children. Yea, 1 say unto thee, the generation that was denied my Word is now there in the desert.”‘

“Yea, and I say unto thee that thou shall perish in the desert, if thou doss not reverse thy ways and come back to Me, America. I call upon you. Return to Me, America. Return to Me! Thou godly nation which I founded and gave unto thy
Fathers, thou bast wondered away from Me. I call thee to repentance. I call thy leaders to prayer. I call them to humility. I call the wealthy to give their money to Me, and to stop giving it to the things of this world and spending it on that which is nought.

“Yea, thy labour has been in vain,” with the Lord. “Yea, thou bast heaped up thy gold unto the day of wrath,” with the Lord thy God “And now to whom shall all these rich things go which thou bast accumulated in thy hour of wealth and prosperity? Yea, thou bast taught prosperity–even My people have taught prosperity! But there has been meagerness, and there has been poverty of the soul in spite of thy riches and the gain that thou bast gotten. Thy soul has been deprived of the rich things of the Spirit. Yea, thou art naked,” with the Lord. “Thou art naked before Me. And while thou dolt sit m thy garnished houses, thy soul is naked before Me. Yea, thou doss sit in thy temple. Thy cushions, yea, are of velvet And thou art bedecked in gold, and the best of woods and carvings, but thy soul is starved before Me, for thy ministers minister not unto Me the Word of truth. Yea, My people do not hear the Ward that their soul needeth in this hour. Yea, even in many churches on this Sabbath day’ there is no timely message. Yes, they lull My people to sleep. Yea, they spoonfeed them with tranquilizers,” with the Lord “And My people swallow it, and they go out from My house in a state of tranquility, and they do not awaken,” with the Lord.

“I call to the house of the Lord where they might hear the trumpet of the Lord, but the trumpet does not sound. Yea, even the mouths that hold it do not know how to blow the tune so that My people wilt awaken, so that they will know the hour and the state that they are in, even that it is late.

“Yea, I say unto thee, My people, awaken in this hour! Turn from your darkness. Turn from your weakness. Turn to My strength. Yea, put on chine armour. Put on thy spiritual armour that thou mightest stand in the day of battle and run to the brook. Yea, run, thou Davids, to the brook, yea, even to the brook of Living Waters–even as the hart fleeth to the brook. Yea, My Davids, run to the brook and gather thy five smooth stones! For Goliath is risen in the land. Yea, but thou with one small stone …. Yea, with one Word of the Lord in thy heart that’s fresh in thy hand …. Yea, one that has even been smoothed by the waters of the Word, even one smooth stone that has been cried by the Word, thou shall slay thy own personal enemy, and he shall not be able to stand before thee.

‘The Lord is referring to the fact that all the young soldiers in the Gulf are those who never had a chance to have the -Word of God read and taught in the schools during their years of schooling. I saw how they had nothing to fall back on to help them a this hour
20n Saturday evening, September 1, 1990, during the Homecoming ‘9t) Campmeeting held at Engeltal, Rev. Walt Gartrell made reference in his message that in 1989, Americans had spent nine billion dollars in pleasure and recreation.

”Ibis prophecy was given on a Sunday while we were resting after returning from a three-week ministry tour oversew. But, it is also meant for the entire body of Christ!

“Oh, My people, thou that didst think that thine enemies shall be slain, but oh, I say unto thee that many of thine own shall die if thou dost not turn thy face to Me.

“Yea, on this Sabbath day I call you out of your rest. I call you out of your tranquility. America, I call you on this day, for I say unto thee, thy people, thy sons-they need thee. They need thy prayers. They need thy consolation. They need thy travail. This thing is come upon thee suddenly. Yea, some months ago thou didst lie in thy beds of ease. Thou didst plan for thy eternity, but this day thy houses are separated and divided. Thy children have gone from thee. Thy fathers have gone from thee. Thy husbands have gone from thee. And I sell you, more shall yet be separated. More shall depart. This land shall be full of good-byes.

“But I say unto thee, if thou will pray thou canst in ibis late hour reverse the decree-reverse the decree. Reversal lies in thy hands, if thou wilt prepare thyself for warfare. For this is an hour, not for the battle of the world, but an hour for the battle of my saints, and they be so few.
“Yea, the intercessors have perished in the way. Yea, many of them have been consumed by the things of this day. Many have laid down their sackcloth. They have put off their sackcloth. Yea, I’ve called you, put your sackcloth back on. Yea, prepare your bottle to collect your tears, My people. Prepare your bottle to collect your tears, My people, for there shall be a time of much weeping soon ahead. And you are not ready yet. Yea, your hearts have been spoiled with the luxuries, with the ease and the comforts. Have you not heard that luxury is an evil.’ Yea, but My people have requested it. They have demanded it. They have believed for it.’ They have preached for and it is an evil. But I say unto thee, ask rather for fears, for is .c nit better in the house of mourning than in the house of rejoicing; for there in the house of mourning thou shall be drawn close to thy God.’

– “Yea, the Man of Sorrows, He weepeth today. Yea, 1 say unto thee, He weepeth today. Thy politicians they are careless; they are sleeping; they are deceived. They listen to the liars, and they believe the liars; therefore they are brought into the net. Yea, My people, the liars have deceived them.’ They laid in wait for the ignorant ones, for those who thought only of accumulation of wealth for themselves. But I say unto thee that through their hunger for wealth, they were deceived. Yea, I say unto thee that the hour of deception is come upon the whole world, and the world lieth in the lap of the evil one.

“”This is not a good message, My people. But out of this darkness cometh a silver lining. For out of this Israel shall find favour again, and Israel shall be spared again. And because it’s going to cost My American people and the lands of the sons of the lands of freedom,’ it shall cost them a price in tears. I say unto thee that they shall pay for their negativeness against Israel, and they shall know that when My sons in Israel have spoken that it was the truth and they refused to heed it. They refused to he warned. I say unto you that they shall wake up in this hour and know that they have listened to the liar, and they have closed their ears to the truth. But they shall experience truth by experience. They shall know truth by experience.”

“US. MISREAD SADDAM”     – by David Makovsky
WASHINGTON-While the mood in Washington has swung sharply against Iraq’s president, the seizure of Kuwait illustrates how badly the Bush administration misread Saddam Hussein.

The first mistake began in the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war in the summer of 1988, when U.S. officials became convinced that Saddam wanted to dedicate all his energies to the country’s infernal problems.

“Traditionally, the U.S. played a balancing power rate,” explains Martin Indyk, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “In the ’70s, when the Iraqis were the Gulf power, the U.S. tilted toward Iran. In the ’80s, when Khomeini was winning the war, the U.S. tilted toward Iraq, giving it intelligence on the Iranian military and bolstering its presence in the Gulf.

“However, the U.S. failed to adjust its policy after the end of the Gulf War,” says Indyk.

Instead of Iraq preoccupying itself with internal problems, “it did not even draw its breath,” Indyk notes, citing the gassing of Kurds, the smuggling to Iraq of illegally obtained advanced technology, the arming of Christian factions in Lebanon and threats to Israel and Kuwait.

American intelligence on Saddam has evidently not been overwhelmingly accurate. According to a recent edition of U.S. News and World Report, Defense Minister Moshe Arens presented disturbing Israeli intelligence to his Pentagon counterpart, Richard Cheney, during a visit in mid-July. He said Iraq had dispersed its efforts to build a nuclear bomb among five locations to protect against a preemptive air strike. Baghdad had also recently deployed a range of Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles at an air base scar its border with Jordan, to shield batteries of Scud missiles aimed at Israel since April.

While the CIA reportedly predicted an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait a few days before it occurred, some sources say the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency did not see it tooting at all.

Western military attaches, viewing the massing of Iraqi troops on the Kuwaiti border two weeks ago, were misled by the fact that no logistical supply lines were visible. In fact, Iraq had perfected the use of its thousands of logistical tank transporters during its eight-year war with Iran, over a 1,2íN1-kilometer front. Capturing Kuwait, in contrast, was a bare l00-km. jaunt.

‘ The Church decreed that there were seven deadly sins: Pride. greed, luxury, envy, gluttony, anger end despair.

‘ God is saying His people have used the gift of faith to acquire luxuries, riches and the pleasures of the world.

‘It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to
the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the
living will lay it to his heart. The heart of the wise is in the
house of mourning; Cut the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.
(Ecclesiastes 7:2, 4)

‘The article on this page entitled “U.S. Misread Saddam;” is a portion of an article taken from The Jerusalem Post, International Edition, for the week of 8/18/90.

‘The Lord is referring to the other free nations who have sent their sons to the Persian Gulf.

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