“Get off the Bench!”

Beloved Intercessor,

We apologize that we didn’t get a Prayer Letter out to you last Friday. It was Good Friday and we weren’t able to find a speaker for our monthly bilingual service since all of the ministers that we usually pull on were busy. I felt a strong brooding of the Holy Spirit in me to speak that evening about the connection between Passover and what Jesus did on the cross as our Passover Lamb. I spent all day studying and discovered some wonderful revelation that I hadn’t ever seen before. Here’s a link to that message.

On that same day, Jacque Orriols, who so graciously puts together our Prayer Letter for us twice a month, was working on her computer and got hacked. So I wasn’t able to write it at the time and she wasn’t able to put it together anyway.

In the meantime, we recorded a podcast on Monday with Dean Braxton as he is going to be here April 28-29, and I busied myself getting it ready to launch on Tuesday. It is full of wonderful revelation that you will enjoy. Here is a link to it.

“Get off the Bench!” I heard these words in the night. I think I was dreaming and understood it to mean that I had been in a “court room” situation and I needed to stop being judgmental. So I repented and got down from the judge’s bench.

When I woke up this morning and got going, the words came back to me. Then I understood the second meaning of the phrase — like when you’ve been “benched“ in a sport as the coach has taken you out of the game. I’ve certainly felt like that’s what has happened the last three years. We haven’t traveled and have only very rarely ministered outside of Engeltal! So I got out my journal and said, “Father, what are you saying.” Then I wrote in my journal what I felt I was hearing.

You have been in the chrysalis these three years, learning and renewing your mind. You have been transitioning from a works-oriented mentality to a position of trust, delight, and rest. You were not designed to carry the Ark of My Presence as only a physical wooden box within a box of gold with another gold box inside it and a heavy slab of gold with gold angels on top. That weight is overwhelming physically. That much gold is too weighty to lift.

You are designed to carry the weight of My Glory which energizes and counterbalances the physical. My Spirit will carry you as you yield to Me in spirit, soul, and body. Just keep your earthly understanding in the position of standing under My Spirit — My Love, My Presence.

Submit yourself again. I want you! I want you 100%, and I want you right now! [These were the words that I heard in my spirit when I turned 18.]

For 47 years you have interpreted that with the weight of responsibility upon your obedience — your response. Until now you have never seen it from the perspective of My heart towards you. You have seen it as orders from Headquarters (like the Uncle Sam recruiting poster), while I see it as My passionate love for you, desiring your attention. One hundred percent of Me wants to engage you 100%, to flow together in tandem like the mating flight of doves, like riding a tandem bike together. I Am the continuous Presence — the Father and Creator of all existence — always the same, and always now. I have always wanted you in My nowness, continually growing and expanding, world without end.

Today I’m calling you to retire from your works mentality to step into your purpose of yielding to Me in trust, love, and rest. You will be accelerating in accomplishments because you will be going from your strength to Mine, from strength to Strength, from glory to Glory to GLORY.

Let the Ark of My Strength and Glory carry you now. This isn’t the end of your career — it’s just the beginning.

You were right when you heard Mama Jenkins describe how her ministry only began when she was in her 60s. That was twenty years ago. You moaned inwardly as your patience and perseverance were being tried, but now here you are, and promises are being fulfilled.

It’s no wonder that Abraham and Sarah laughed when the reiteration of the promise of a son came when it had become a physical impossibility.

I delight in bringing My people to Red Sea moments when I bring miraculous wonders to pass as perilous “impossibilities” loom large. I delight in defeating doubt and unbelief in My Love.

Position yourself in the back seat and let Me drive. I will take you places beyond your imaginations.

It’s a Milestone Birthday! My big milestone birthday is this week. I have reached the place for Medicare is compulsory. I’m turning 65.

As I mentioned above, earlier this week, on Monday, I was finally able to connect with Dean Braxton to record a podcast. Unfortunately, Philip was called for jury duty that day, so he wasn’t able to be a part of the recording. When he got back, he listened to what Dean had to say and we recorded his comments, which I then had to marry into the original recording. I knew that it needed to be out the next morning in order for people to get a last opportunity for a heads up about the event that we are having with him in two weeks. Consequently, I worked on it all night long and finally launched it early in the morning on Tuesday. It was truly a joy, although time consuming. I am so happy to report to you that I functioned better and recovered more quickly than I did when I had to do an all nighter when I was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s! It’s a clear sign that what the Lord spoke to me is true!

As I was writing the last two or three words in my journal, I overheard that I was being called to pick up the phone for a call from Germany. During the course of the conversation, I brought up Sister Gwen‘s book, They Shall Mount up on Wings as Eagles. I mentioned that we are in the beginnings of the great last days outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh, and that the harvest is going to be so great that God will need to raise up in strength those who have the love of God, the knowledge of His Word, and the experience to help disciple the new converts and raise them up into a mature Bridal company. So many of the Handmaidens and Servants who were raised up under Sister Gwen have already gone Home, but there are hundreds yet who may question their ability to do anything — and many of us have promises of the Lord that we haven’t seen fulfilled.

It’s time for the Eagles to be renewed! I have gotten that book out now and have started reading it. Let me share with you Sister Gwen’s introduction to the book she wrote in 1996:

“Recently someone shared with me that they had been given a vision of the Lord sending a great spiritual awakening into the Senior Citizens’ Homes. This person saw the old folk leaving their beds and their wheelchairs and come marching out of those places. There was a great army of them. The Holy Spirit came on them, and they received new life and joined the end time army of younger soldiers.”

“It wasn’t until I finished this book that I remembered that vision. My heart is filled with joy because I feel this book will have a part to play in making that vision come to pass as the “Old Eagles” are renewed in the spirit and test their wings for one more great adventure before they make their “Flight Final.” 

“I thank God for the strength He gave me to write this book. I have written it, in its entirety, here in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, while I was suffering abdominal pains and fever. I was also preaching every day. The Glory of God was mightily upon me, in spite of the affliction and the work schedule. It has been a time of great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the Church.”

When Sister Gwen wrote that book, we were all twenty-seven years younger and didn’t even think of ourselves as needing to read it. We were still in the strength of our youth. But the intervening years have given us experience and wisdom. We’re well trained, but perhaps our bodies haven’t kept up that level of strength.

“Get off the Bench!” Perhaps you have also felt that you’ve been “benched” by your circumstances and waning of strength or ability. Perhaps you, like Abraham and Sarah, have given up on the promises you received so long ago. “Oh Lord, let Ishmael live before you!” was Abraham’s compromise in his acquiescence to his circumstances. He and Sarah were just too old to participate in the promises, he thought. But our Father loves to take impossible circumstances to show His Glory! When it’s time for a new pitcher in a baseball game, the coach calls one that has been waiting on the bench for his opportunity. He is sent to the “bull pen” to begin to warm up. He doesn’t start out throwing his hardest pitches until he throws some more gently at first. This is so he doesn’t injure himself by doing too much too fast.

As God is getting us up off the bench, let this be a “warm up” time to get us back in shape. Perhaps we need to start with walking or some other mild exercise to get us going after we have been sedentary for too long! Then add a few stairs, etc. to work your way up to be able to trek the Himalayas! We have some mountain climbing to do! And our Father will renew our strength so we can. Perhaps we also need to increase our Bible study and faithfulness in prayer. Spend more time yielding to the Love of God. Spend more time praying in tongues to open your spirit to the Holy Spirit and prepare you for His Glory (Jude 1:20).  Just obey what He shows you to do and don’t put it off!

Release the Glory! Ivan Tuttle died for four hours back in 1978 and saw from Heaven the Greater Glory would be poured out beginning in 2020. When he was here in March, we had a small, but faithful group here to receive what the Lord gave him to release of that Greater Glory. If you weren’t able to get here, please watch the videos! Those who watched or participated here have received something great from the Lord. The key is that we must release what we receive of His Glory in order to keep getting more. If we don’t release it, the Lord says that we’re lukewarm! That’s not a good situation!

If you attended, or have watched the videos, we invite you to join us for a Zoom call with Ivan to share what the Lord is doing in our lives and how we are releasing that Glory. Ivan will be coaching us, so please let us know if you are ready to participate so we can send the link to you to join the call. This call is scheduled for April 19 at 8:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Central.


Mark Your Calendar! The Global Outpouring Convention 2023 is scheduled for Tuesday, July 4-Friday, July 7 at the Glory Tabernacle! Speakers include Tony Kemp, Etienne Blom, Claren McQueen, and me. As the Glory continues to increase in the Earth, so will the intensity of the Outpouring on our conventions. We have seen the Glory increase through the years and fully expect this one to be exceedingly glorious!


Youth and Young Adults Retreat Returns! During the last three years we have felt to stop having our Youth Retreats, but with the Outpouring on the youth having begun, we are delighted to report that the plans are in the works to hold our first “new season” retreat August 9-12. More details will be coming, so pray with us for it to be all that our Father has in mind and that everyone He wants to be there will be able to come.


Urgent Prayer Request: Please pray for the Lord to raise up those who will stand with us faithfully with monthly donations. It has been a struggle to pay the basic monthly bills and we still have some significant credit card debt to pay off so that we can begin to run on a cash basis. Numerous projects are in the works, waiting for funding. Engeltal needs to be ready for all that our Father has planned, so please join us as we thank Him for His provision as His people obey His leading!


Prayers and Condolences: In case  you haven’t heard about two End-Time Servants who made Heaven their home last week, Mike Woodhead passed through the gates on Sunday night, April 2 and James Smith (Shirley Smith’s husband) went about nine hours later on Monday morning. Please keep these families in your prayers for the Holy Spirit to bring them into ever closer relationship with the Lord.


We Are Grateful! Our hearts are so grateful for all those who HAVE supported us monthly! Even small amounts given on a regular basis add up and receive special recognition of faithfulness in Heaven’s records. We appreciate you so much as you stand with us in your love for the Lord and His Glory!


Your handmaiden and servant,

Philip and Sharon

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