Grace Abounds

Update February 12, 2024 – Greetings! Sharon wrote this letter on Friday and we are finally getting it emailed out! So a quick update to our prayer letter is needed, as Kansas City won the Superbowl and Arkansas had a mini snow storm! The weather turned cold and wet on Monday but will warm up again for the rest of the week.

Blessings to you all, enjoy her update! – Linda Thomas

Grace Abounds – February 9, 2024

Beloved Intercessor,

Loving greetings from Engeltal, where winter seems to be taking a breather for a while. As with much of the country, our area is having unseasonably warm temperatures, although the forecast seems to be indicating some winter weather possibly coming soon. Weather forecasters talk about this as being an El Niño year, bringing with it warmer than normal temperatures. It is called El Niño because the warmer temperatures of the Pacific Ocean surface that produce this climate event typically occur in December, so the Spanish fisherman who discovered this trend called it El Niño in honor of the Christ child. This season was predicted to be one of the strongest El Niños on record. Should we wake up to the fact that Christ is trying to get our attention?

Favor and Miracles for Engeltal: We are grateful for those who have made a move to stand with us monthly! I saw at least three in the last month who signed up for a recurring monthly payment through the secure donation page on our website. Thank you so much to each and everyone who is helping us financially whether monthly or one time! We appreciate you so much! And thank you, intercessor, for praying! Our Father is sending answers as we engage with Him to know His heart and as we pray by the leading of the Holy Spirit!

Remember we told you last time that we were going to place an order for a 500-gallon propane tank? We had originally called (somewhat smaller faith) to order a 250-gallon tank. When someone sent us a sizable donation, we took faith and called the company back to order one that was twice as big. We knew that we were going to need others in time to come, including a 250-gallon one, but we thought we would start with just one tank. However, when the company came to deliver the tank last week, they brought a 250-gallon one, with a bill that charged us for a 500-gallon one! Long story short, they realized their mistake and moved the 250-gallon tank to where we need it and brought a 500-gallon tank as well. We paid for the big one on the spot, and they agreed to let us pay for the second tank over the next few months. We are grateful to the Lord that He worked this out!

In the meanwhile, an opportunity opened up for us to purchase a 2009 four-wheel-drive GMC Yukon Denali. When we saw this ad, I asked Margaret (who is in charge of our accounting department) to pray and ask the Lord that if this is His will, how could we do it. She reminded me that we had donations come in towards a 4-wheel drive van from last year, and also that someone had given us a gold piece five years ago. In the meantime, gold has gone up and its value was nearly $2000. She told me to reach out to the Pastor who is selling this vehicle and offer him the value of the coin as a down payment, offering to make $500 payments each month until it was paid off. Glory to God, he agreed! So Philip and I went to South Dakota last weekend to pick it up, visiting quite a number of our members along the way, much to our delight! It is wonderful to see how the obedience of one person, five years ago, opened the door to this “suddenly” kairos moment to get a larger vehicle (seats seven) that can easily climb the steep road out of our Valley! Plus we can continue to believe the Lord for the larger ministry van we need for our conferences here in Arkansas! 

Happy Chinese New Year! Saturday, February 10 begins the new lunar year celebrated by the Chinese around the world. Their system has a zodiac of twelve animals that rotate through the years. This year begins the year of the dragon. 

Beloved, we need to be praying in tongues like never before, holding Revelation 12:7-11 before the Lord, that He would in this year accomplish this casting down of the dragon by the power of the Blood and the word of our testimony! A real key to this is that we lose our fear of death — it has lost its sting for us who trust in Jesus’ death for our salvation. Letting go of the love of our own lives, our selfishness, our fleshly ways, to walk in the Spirit in the character of Jesus Christ, will transform the atmosphere around each one of us, bringing light into the darkness.

Let us pray, contend, and trust that the power of the dragon will be broken over China and the Chinese people around the world. Thirty years ago, in January, 1994, the Holy Spirit began to be poured out in Toronto at a small church at the end of the airport runway. During that season of revival, God sent one of His Chinese sons there who began to roar for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to overcome the dragon. From that time the Spirit of God began to move in a powerful way in China in the underground church. In recent years, the government has tried to put a stranglehold on the house church movement. It’s time for a massive outbreak of Outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon China! It’s time for the dragon to be defeated!

The Super Bowl: Sunday, February 11 marks a rematch of the two teams that played in 2020, San Francisco and Kansas City. You probably remember that Bob Jones prophesied that revival would come when the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. They won in 2020, and again in 2023.

This year, the Super Bowl is being held in Las Vegas for the first time. Although I will personally hope for yet another win for the purpose of seeing revival on a grand scale — even reformation — I will also be praying for the multitudes who will be attending the game and exposed to all manner of temptation while they are there. Nothing that happens in Las Vegas actually stays there—to believe that it does is to believe a lie! Let us pray much in tongues this weekend for the Spirit of God to move in Las Vegas. It is known as “Sin City,” but let us remember that Romans 5:20 declares that where sin abounds, grace much more abounds! Many intercessors are there as boots on the ground declaring the goodness of God to overcome the devil! Let us join them in intercession.

Mardi Gras: Tuesday, February 13 marks the culmination of a season of excessive flesh and debauchery. It’s the last fling before Lent. Other cultures call it “Carnival,” which comes from root words meaning “raising flesh.” New Orleans celebrates with parade after parade for weeks in honor of pagan deities, spirits, and cultures. Voodoo and witchcraft abound, but again, God has His Believers and intercessors standing for righteousness. Let’s believe God for a tremendous move of His Spirit there as well!

Continue Praying for Japan: We received the following message from ETH Ester Ruth Wahrer, a Swiss missionary to Japan. A 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck north of her location on January 1, 2024. “Please continue to pray for our area after the earthquake. It is very difficult for the people living there. For many still no running water because of the whole system is broken through the heavy shaking. Yet some people are getting involved in helping the hurting people. We pray specially for the few Christians in the area that they will be strengthened and be a testimony for the people.”

X Marks the Spot: On April 8, 2024, an eclipse will spread a path of total darkness across Mexico, the USA, and northeastern Canada. Interestingly, it will enter the US at Eagle Pass, Texas, the epicenter of the dispute between the Texas Governor and the Biden administration. That’s where the darkness begins to enter this nation. We are well aware of the multitudes of Middle Eastern young men who have come across our southern border unhindered and sent into this nation.

Also interesting to note is that the path of this eclipse crosses the path of the 2017 eclipse in southern Illinois, an area known as “Little Egypt.” Another point of interest is that the Muslim Brotherhood is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. A further note is that this region was devastated during the 1812 New Madrid earthquakes. And to top it off, it has been prophesied on more than one occasion by more than one prophet that if/when the US pressures Israel to finalize a “two state solution,” dividing God’s Land that He gave to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that He will divide the US at the Mississippi, using the New Madrid fault.

We have A LOT to pray about, Beloved! Pray in tongues and use the Word as the Holy Spirit shines His Light on it. Pray with us for Israel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 AM Central Time via Zoom. Email us for the link.

One of the greatest ways to reduce the severity of this is to pray for Jesus to encounter the jihadists in dreams and visions, or for them to meet Him by way of a miracle. When they meet Jesus, they become passionate to serve Him in the freedom of His love that they never found in Islam, and they become lovers and supporters of Israel.

Thank you for standing with us to break the strongholds of darkness over humanity. Thank you for contending with us for the Outpouring of God’s Spirit on all flesh. In this season of excessive flesh behavior, we press in for an excessive, abounding grace of God to bring sinners and backsliders to repentance! Judgment and the shaking of everything that can be shaken will result in the arising of the Kingdom of God that cannot be shaken! Take a refreshing breath of the Presence of God to fill you with His fire, glory, and boldness to participate in the culture of the Book of Acts in this day!


Your handmaiden and servant,
Sharon and Philip

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