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I exhort therefore, that first of all supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior Who will have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.  (I Tim. 1-4)

Dear Intercessors for Israel:

Greetings in the glorious name of Jesus!  Israel after four elections in two years, has a government.  Maybe!  Yair Lapid leader of the center left, Yesh Atid (There is Change) Party and Naftali Bennett, head of the far right Yamina Party have reached an agreement to form a coalition government consisting of eight political parties holding 61 seats in the Knesset.  President Rivkin was informed of this breakthrough at 11:35 pm, Tuesday June 1st, a scant 25 minutes before Lapid’s mandate to form a government expired.  Bennett has agreed to serve as Prime Minister for the first two years followed in 2023 by Lapid, if the coalition lasts. Already political pressures are being applied in the Knesset from the opposing parties (Likud) for Bennett’s party members to change their vote.  If one person defects from this fragile coalition, then their ceases to be a majority and the country must hold new elections.  The Knesset will meet next Wednesday June 9th to install the new government if the Speaker of the Knesset, Yariv Levin, a Likud supporter is replaced by Mickey Levy, a Yesh Atid backer. 

This new government coalition if seated exiles Netanyahu after 12 years in office, as well as the Religious Parties.  What comes into government is truly remarkable:  A coalition spanning the political spectrum, including an Islamist Arab Party, (4 seats), a pro LGBT plus party, a Labor Party, as well as Bennett’s far right party.  Will it last?  Nobody knows at this hour.

Mansour Abbas, the leader of the Ra-Am Arab party and prat of the new coalition declared yesterday on Jordanian T.V. that he supported Palestine, and not Israel (i24 news).  In turn, Hamas supporters in Gaza are protesting M. Abbas’s involvement in Israeli politics.  They accused this Islamist leader of being ‘opportunist’ and motivated by self-interest and political ambition rather than seeking to represent the full Arab community.

Pros and Cons

If this new government comes into power, perhaps a State budget could be passed, something Israel has not had during the tenure of the Interim Government.  However, if this Coalition fails, then no International agreements can be signed, (i.e.: giving more land away) The current U.S. Biden administration is pushing for a “two state solution” which neither the P.A. nor Israel wants.  As part of this “solution”, Jerusalem must be re-divided along 1948 lines with the Old City given back to the P.A., something no Israeli will ever accept.

The U.S. announced last week that it would establish a consulate in “East Jerusalem” for the Arabs, even though the current U.S. Embassy is readily accessible and close to Bethlehem. ( )  The consulate if established would signal to the P.A., the U.S. acceptable of its claims to “East Jerusalem”, which is 2/3 of the current city.  President Biden has already asked congress to approve of $100 million in funds to rebuild Gaza after their conflict against Israel last month.  ( ) Most likely without monitors, these funds would fall into the hands of Hamas and be used to rebuild their tunnels and to procure weapons.

The P.A. in its recent non-election had 32 political parties in the running with each one supporting Palestine’s right to all the land from “the river to the sea.”  The May 22nd election was canceled at the last minute, with Israel blamed for the cause. Every map of the area that the P.A. has printed, omits Israel and replaces it with Palestine.  But God sits in the heavens and laughs:  He has brought His people back and given them through Abraham the title deed to this land.

Prayer Points (Intercessors for Israel)

The following prayer points are taken from Intercessors for Israel weekly letter (

The government will be sworn into office next Wednesday, provided there are no last-minute deflections or surprises. It is very interesting to note that the Torah portion being studied next week opens with Dathan and Korah’s rebellion of against Moses!  

We continue to ask for a government through which You may be glorified (Ps. 115:1-3).

Draw Your people closer to You during this time of right-wing political betrayal (Hos. 2:63:4-5).

If this Naftali Bennett-Lapid government is not of You, then please stop it (Prov. 21:1).

We again pray for You to clean out Israel’s political dross, replacing those individuals who are self-serving with men and women who are more in line with Your will for Israel today (Isa. 1:25-26).

Sovereignly rule over the distribution of each ministry portfolio (Prov. 16:9).

We praise You that despite Israel’s unstable government situation the last few years, You have used it to accomplish so much through a far-from righteous Bibi Netanyahu (Isa. 41:132 Cor. 12:9).

For the sake of Your nation, speak clearly to Netanyahu if it is his time to step down (Dan. 2:21).

Security – Iran & its proxies:

Iran boasted about helping Hamas “win” the Gaza war, and immediately several of its petrochemical and drone factories had “accidental explosions”, its largest naval vessel sunk, and a huge oil refinery outside of Tehran just went up in flames! Iran dared not blame Israel for any of this since they had just declared a great victory through Hamas, and of course, Israel was silent about it. Yet the timing is suspicious, and Bible believers dare not believe in coincidences, but in “God-incidences” – as our God is in totally control (Psa. 103:19)! Also, a number of earthquakes have hit Iran’s southern coast near its Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Declare among the gentiles the LORD God reigns…He shall judge the people righteously. (Ps.  96:10)

Whether Israel is responsible for these “accidents” or not, Lord, send a strong spirit of suspicion upon the minds of all Iranian leaders so that they “see” Israeli plots everywhere (2 Kin. 7:6-7).

Security – internal:

Biblically, Hamas is an internal threat since Gaza is part of the tribe of Judah’s inheritance (Josh. 15:147). Also, Hamas is trying to increase its influence in Judea and Samaria, declaring itself – as opposed to Abbas and the Palestinian Authority [PA] – as the defenders of Jerusalem. Many Palestinians are buying the Hamas rhetoric since the PA is corrupt and not nearly as fundamental as Hamas in its Islamic beliefs and practices.

Thank You for Egypt taking the lead in dealing with a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as they despise Hamas as much as Israel does and do not trust Hamas’ leaders at all (Isa. 19:23-25).

Do not allow Israel to cave in to Hamas’ unreasonable demands when it comes to either a permanent ceasefire or a prisoner exchange (Psa. 18:46-50).

Block all efforts by Hamas to rearm and severely cut off all its finances which are used for weapons.

Destroy any plans of unity between the PA and Hamas (Psa. 7:14-1655:9).

A New President

Israel’s current President Rivlin term in office expires this month.   He will be replaced by Isaac Herzog, 60 years old, who was elected as Israel’s 11th President by an overwhelming vote in the Knesset.  Herzog previously was the chairman of the Israel Jewish Agency which helps immigrants making aliyah (return) to Israel.  Herzog also has served as leader of the Labor Party, Cabinet secretary, minister of social welfare, diaspora affairs, construction and housing and tourism.  He also has been leader of the opposition in the Knesset.  Herzog’s Father Chaim, served as Israel’s sixth president.

The position of President in Israel is largely a ceremonial office, except for determining “mandates” to be given out to candidates to form a new government. Previously this year,  President Rivlin gave Prime Minister Netanyahu a “mandate” to form a government after the March 23rd election.  Netanyahu was unable to do so, and the “mandate” was passed to Yair Lapid who had 45 days to assemble a working coalition. 

Thank you

Marylois and I want to thank those “Eagle saints” that have continued to help support the House of Peace.  We have been able to meet all ongoing expenses and keep the House in readiness until Israel re-opens its borders to visitors.  The weekly prayer team is regularly meeting at the House.

Shabbat Shalom

Gene and Marylois/House of Peace

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