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“Come my people enter thou into the chambers, and shut thy doors about thee:  hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be over-past.” t Is. 26:20

Dear Intercessors for Israel

Passover and Resurrection day greetings!  Israeli celebrated “Passover,” this past week, just as they did in Egypt some 3500 years ago!  Yet, for only the SECOND TIME in Jewish history, since the days of Moses and the Exodus of the Hebrew children, the Jews were quarantined inside their house DURING “PASSOVER!!”   This was a Passover like no other in Israel!!

The impact of the Corona virus, forced PM Netanyahu to declare a general lockdown for three days.   Everyone was required to stay inside their homes, and off the streets. No outside guests were permitted, or even celebrations with large groups in attendance.  People were told to stay inside, and avoid the death angel, just as their forbearers.

Why Was this night different?  I am adding a quote from   the f Times of Israel editorial by David Horovitz,  to give you an sense of what it was like:

This year, the injunction to retell the saga of our Exodus from slavery — packed a mighty real time wallop.

Restricted to our nuclear families, confined to our houses, we prayed that the invisible angel of viral death will spare our loved ones, our elderly and our vulnerable — that our homes will be safely passed over. Temporarily deprived of some of our customary freedoms, we internalized more deeply what it means to be free.” (David Horovitz,: )

Mah Nishtana

Tens of thousands of Israelis, locked down by the government and separated from their families on Passover, came out to their balconies to sing together Wednesday night.

In cities and towns across the country people joined together to sing Mah Nishtana, or the Four Questions, a song traditionally sung by the youngest member of the household that asks: “Why is this night different from every other night?”

While most sang, in some places people flicked their apartment lights on and off, cheered, clapped and shouted happy holidays to their neighbors.

Celebrations also veered to the less traditional, with some using programs like Zoom and FaceTime to connect virtually for the meal, that puts a focus on passing traditions down from generation to generation..(

Lord, we pray for your Jewish people.  Remove the veil that prevents them from seeing you.  Remove it while they have “entered into their chambers.” 

COVID-19 in Israel

The past month has seen Israel impose a strict lock-down throughout the country in response to the COVID-19 virus.  Almost 10,000 Israelis have tested positive (out of 9 million people) and 86 have died.  The economy has suffered greatly, with many out of work, tourism non-existent and the airport all but closed, except for cargo. 

The Garden Tomb, a place where thousands would gather for the Resurrection Day sunrise service is empty. It will be like it was when Christ was risen.  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is still closed.  Resurrection services there will be limited to a few clerics, behind locked doors.

The New Normal  

The National Security Council which is forming COVID-19 policy for the government ,  presented an exit strategy plan for life after Passover. The phased plan includes increasing the percentage of workers allowed to return to the field, plus testing different models of working in shifts or on different days. Special education would resume and slowly thereafter preschools, and eventually the entire school system. Soon, the NSC’s plan would allow for people to travel further from their homes. The plan, however, keeps malls and most recreational establishments closed. The multi-stage plan also involves releasing cities by level of infection – least infected first – and people by age category – youngest and healthiest first.( 4/9/2020)



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LORD we pray, deliver Israel from evil.  We agree in Jesus name that this virus must bow its knee to the mighty name of Jesus!

Still no Government

Two weeks ago, it appeared that Israel had finally formed a unity government after three elections.  Not so!  After that first tentative announcement, more disagreements arose between the two parties that are seeking to form a government.  A similar comparison might be if a stalemate or crisis forced the Republican and Democratic parties to come together.  One candidate would agree to be president for two years and then the second party would place its candidate in power for the remainder of the term.. It would engender confusion, and arguments.  Israel has the problem of divided coalitions which cannot form a majority.  The U.S. has a governmental division of powers which sometimes fails to get anything done also.

The chief arguments preventing a “unity” government are:

1.       whether to annex large portions of the territories

2.        formation of the Judicial committee (which selects the judges)

3.       Whether a MK (Netanyahu) can form a government while he is under indictment.

Benny Gantz, the leader of the Resilient party (Former Blue and White, until it split) is under pressure.  His mandate to form a government expires next Monday, April 13th. He has asked President Rivlin for an extension. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Gantz have said they would start the next round of negotiations, “after the holidays.”  No one is sure what that cryptic comment means.  It could mean this Sunday, or when the Passover holidays officially ends, on the evening of April 15th.

Israel needs our prayers. This nation needs a working government.  Pray for Yeshua to walk into these negotiations and institute order and wisdom.  Bind the devil working his confusion in these talks as well as personal agendas that each party brings to the table. 

Resurrection Day

Marylois and I pray and declare that this plague will pass-over the nations swiftly..   May the blood of Yeshua, our Passover Lamb be on your door-posts and protect you from all sickness and disease.   We pray the blessings and promises of Psalm 91 over our nation and Israel.  May the Lord close the door to this plague in our nation this Resurrection morning!

“He is Risen!”   

Gene and Marylois/House of Peace

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