House of Peace News: “Purim Greetings”

“As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that  they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor…And that those days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.” Esther 9:22, 28

Dear Intercessors for Israel:

Purim greetings from Jerusalem and Israel!  These are days of feasting and the giving of gifts.  It is a happy time in the land as Israelis seek to recreate the joy of celebrating Esther’s victory over the evil Haman, a man who sought to destroy the Jewish people long ago, but who instead found the judgment written descending on his own head.  The phrase V’Nahafoch-hu/ is used in Hebrew.  It means a complete reversal of what was planned for the Jews, coming back on their own heads.  The book of Esther is read in the synagogues and every time Haman’s name is read, those present try and drown it out by stomping their feet and making loud noises.  Throughout the cities, people dress up in costumes, like Superwoman.

An editorial in the internet publication Israel National News this week, reminded Israelis of past deliverances by Ha Shem and future protections.  Saddam Hussein in 1990 threatened to wipe out half of Israel with chemical weapons, “I swear to God, we will let our fire eat half of Israel if it tries anything against Iraq.”  Hussein in the end was hanged, just like Haman.  Iraq also isn’t a threat to Israel anymore.

Last week, Mohsen Rezaie, Iran’s expediency council secretary said, “…We will level Tel Aviv to the ground and will not give any opportunity to Netanyahu to flee.” The editorial in Israel National News urges Rezaie and the rest of the Iranian leadership to read the book of Esther, before it’s too late for Iran… Happy Purim!  ( )

Pray that Israel, despite daily, ongoing threats from its enemies, recognizes and rejoices in Ha Shem’s protective presence.  Pray that “He who watches over Israel, neither slumbers nor sleeps” will continue to guard and protect His people.  Pray that the Hamans who persecute Israel will be overthrown.

Russian Su 57 aircraft deployed

The nation of Syria is in turmoil with numerous nations and their proxy armies engaged in open warfare. Russian-backed Syrian government forces opened up a ground assault against rebel held positions in eastern Ghouta (a suburb of Damascus) causing over 600 deaths.  Turkey is in open warfare against the U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters in the North, and tensions are high between Israel and Iranian forces deployed in Syria. In the midst of this campaign, Russia has upgraded its air forces, flying in advanced Sukhoi Su 27 jet fighters as well as deploying four of the nation’s newest Su-57 stealth aircraft.

Vladimir Gutenov, a Russian Duma lawmaker in charge of a commission supporting the Russian defense industry, declared the planes “need to be tested in combat conditions, in conditions of (enemy) resistance.” Furthermore, he said, the presence of the Su-57s will doubtlessly send a political message, serving as a deterrent “for aircraft from neighboring states (Israel) which periodically fly into the Middle Eastern country uninvited.” ( )

Nikolai Antoshkin, Col-Gen (ret.), a veteran Soviet and Russian military pilot, commander and combat training specialist, explained to Sputnik news that the Su-57 was an excellent tool which would “come in handy in the event of any “provocations against our forces in Syria.”   Antoshkin also commented on rumors circulating online about the US Air Force allegedly suspending its F-22 Raptor flights over Syria due to the appearance of the Russian planes in the country.  He stated that the  Su-57 is equipped with 3D thrust vector jets, as opposed to the F-22’s 2D thrust vector jets, meaning higher maneuverability for the Russian plane. “In addition, these engines allow our fighter to reach speeds up to Mach 2 without an afterburner.”  With its onboard Belka radar station, the Su-57 can detect ‘stealth’ aircraft, and track over 10 targets simultaneously. This newest plane’s also has an advanced radio-electronic warfare module, which suppresses enemy missiles’ homing systems. ( )

Western Military Observers Respond

Last Wednesday’s announcement and recent video evidence of Su-57 stealth fighters flying around the Hmeymim Syrian airbase quickly got the Pentagon’s attention.  A U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson announced that the deployment of the Su-57 was an indication that Russia was not living up to its “announced force drawdown.” ( )

New Iranian Military Base Reported

Satellite images this week also clearly identified a new long range missile base, northwest of Damascus, is in operation.  It is manned by Iran’s elite Al-Quds Force.  These missiles can reach Israel.  Last December a similar Iranian missile facility just 30 miles north of the Golan heights was destroyed by Israel.  The Israeli government has repeatedly declared the presence of these missile bases are “red lines” for the Jewish state.

Pray for a complete reversal of what is planned against Israel.  May these evil plots, plans and evil intents and the men who work them, return back on their heads.  Pray, “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered”, Pray that as the enemies of Israel seek to encircle and destroy the Jewish peoples’ very presence, let them be scattered.

U.S. Military Assistance to Lebanon

In early February 2018, the U.S. administration affirmed that the United States remains committed to the security and stability of Lebanon. In this context, it was emphasized that weapons and training provided to the Lebanese army are intended to develop its combat abilities in order to maintain it as a national force: “A defensive shield against extremist terrorist elements.” Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield reiterated that the administration intended to persevere in its efforts to bolster the elements of state security in Lebanon, with an emphasis on the Lebanese army. In contrast, Ambassador Nathan Sales, who is responsible for counter-terrorism in the US State Department, argued that the Lebanese army is currently a tool of Hezbollah and that it is therefore pointless to strengthen it.

Since 2006, the United States has provided the Lebanese army with more than$1.6 billion in military aid. Recent months have witnessed an expansion in US aid, some of which has already reached Lebanon. This aid includes six A-29 Super Tucano light planes for attack and patrol purposes, 32 BradleyM2-A2 armed personnel carriers, light attack helicopters (MD 530G), and six Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, US Special Forces personnel are currently present in Lebanon for training purposes. (

Fully Integrated with Hezbollah

The Iranian sponsored Hezbollah army in Lebanon has over 150,000 short, medium, and long-range missiles pointed at Israel.  Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman recently stated the next war in Israel will see the IDF fighting against a coordinated Syrian-Lebanese front as well as on the southern front with Hamas-controlled Gaza. He added that the Lebanese army has been fully integrated with Hezbollah and follows Hezbollah’s orders. “The Lebanese army has become an integral part of the Hezbollah apparatus under its command,” Liberman said. ( ).

Pray the United States refrain from supplying the enemies of Israel with any more military equipment and assistance. Pray the IDF leaders and armies remain alert and able to counter any and all threats from Lebanon.  Pray safekeeping for Israel.

Good News from Israel:

An Israeli Company has been hard at work seeking ways to prevent infant deaths due from accidently being left in a hot car.  Guardian Optical Technologies has recently announced the invention of an optical motion sensor which detects tiny movements within the car, including an infant heartbeat.  When it detects motion, it can notify a driver who has already left the car by phone application and then automatically start the air-conditioning. The sensor is beyond the proof-of-concept stage, and the company is providing manufacturers with advanced kits for field testing with a date towards full integration in 2020-2021 models ( ).

Cancer Cells Cease!

Researchers at Israel’s Bar Ilan University have discovered a new enzyme called FerT, which exists only in the energy-generating mitochondria of cancer cells. When the enzyme was targeted in lab tests, the malignant cells were unable to produce energy and died!  The research team hopes to begin Phase 1 clinical trials within the next 18 months. ( )

70 hours for 70 years: 

Israel’s 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish state begins on 18th Apr with 70 Hours of Celebrations. Torch lighting, global singing, folk dancing, fireworks and parties. The overall theme is “Heritage of Innovation”. It will link modern and Biblical; earthly and Heavenly.

“These will be 70 hours of celebrations in Israeli society that connect us all,” Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev announced. “The events are tailored for both young and veteran audiences, for entire families, and also for Jews around the world. We are going to host the most-talked-about and moving events in Israeli society, full of energy, positivity and joy. It will be exciting, distinguished and touching, just as this country that we love so dearly deserves.”

Israel’s Independence Day will begin with a torch-lighting ceremony the evening of Wednesday, April 18, and continue through Shabbat. Events over the three days will include: “Israel and the world sing together,” in which Israelis and Diaspora Jews will sing simultaneously; a fireworks show; a “70-km. party” that will move across the country from Tiberias to Eilat; and a “Parade of Lights” planned for Thursday night, illustrating Israel’s success and innovation. A pre-Shabbat “70th Hora” will be held at 4pm on Friday, with Israelis folk-dancing.  The closing ceremony on Saturday night will be a “soundtrack event for all Israelis” (

Shabbat Shalom,

Gene and Marylois / House of Peace

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