January 11: The Libraries of Heaven Will Be Available to All Who Love Truth

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 2:6-7

“For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding. He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly.” (Proverbs 2:6-7)

Some people think that just because I spoke once, I’ll never speak again. This is not true. I am always speaking. I am speaking to you today and revealing Myself and My Word to you even now.

Out of My mouth come wisdom and understanding. I want to impart My wisdom to you. If you will listen and take time to meditate, I will reveal many wonderful truths to you.

The reason many of My children do not progress in divine knowledge is because they think they already know it all. How can you, who have been taught by man, begin to know all the knowledge of God! It is impossible! It will take eternity for you to begin to know all there is to know. The secrets of eternity can only be revealed in eternity.

I have stored up (prepared and laid up) sound wisdom. This is the wisdom that gives you support, help, and saving knowledge.

“Wisdom” that cannot save, help, and support is not the kind of wisdom that comes from Me.

If you could begin to see only a little of the infinite riches of the knowledge which is laid up for the righteous, how you would hunger for it and seek it! You would devote a lifetime to search for it as the righteous rabbis, scribes, and holy men did in days of old. Yea, and still do!

But, sad to say, many close the Book of Truth that reveals My Son to them, for “…in the volume of the Book it is written of Me” (Psalm 40:7; Hebrews 10:7).

Some of you who love knowledge but are too busy serving others to search and study, will be given special privileges in the Heavenly Halls of Learning, and the great teachers of all ages will instruct you. Men of wisdom shall expound the secrets of the ages to you. You shall have access to the Heavenly libraries, and the Books of Knowledge shall be opened to you, and you shall be able to read the Holy Scriptures in their original version and in the languages in which they were written. And when you are ready, you shall teach others also. For this is the rule of My Kingdom.

But even before you ascend to My Holy Hill of Learning, I have given you My Holy Spirit to teach you; and as you learn to hear Him, He will not only instruct you in Heavenly wisdom, He will become a shield to you. For there is protection from evil through the knowledge of Truth.



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