January 19: Come and See

Scripture Reading: John 1:38-41

“Come and see.” (John 1:39)

What simple words of Invitation! Yet, with these few words I enlisted two of My greatest men, Andrew and Simon Peter.

It is wrong to assume that it takes great flowery sermons to attract others to the call of God.

Andrew was a simple man. He wasn’t highly educated. He had been born and raised in a village in Galilee. He wasn’t even very religious. If he would have been religious he would not have been there at the Jordan River; instead, he would have been in Jerusalem, following the Scribes and Pharisees and the Doctors of the Law.

But there was a longing in his heart for the “real thing,” even as there was in the lives of most of those who went to hear John preach. There had to be, or they would not have come all that long way from Galilee to the southern end of the Jordan to hear John preach.

When I said, “Come and see,” Andrew’s heart leaped within him. But he didn’t want to leave his brother Simon behind. That was just like Andrew. He was always thinking of sharing with others. He was a caring man with a kind heart.

Immediately, with great excitement, he searched for Simon. It took a while to find him in that great crowd; and when he did, he was so joyful with his news that Peter knew it must be true.

“We have found the Messiah!” he burst out, his heart pounding with joy and excitement. “Come quickly! He has invited us to go with Him to where He is staying. ”

Together, they hurried over to where I was standing, waiting. When I saw them together, Andrew and Simon, I knew I was looking at two of My greatest disciples. I knew they would live for Me and die for Me. They were men of high quality. I loved them from that moment.

As they came rushing to Me, those two young men, they were filled with many mixed emotions, for they could hardly believe that after all those thousands of years, they had found their Messiah.

Little did they know what feelings were in My heart also. For even as they had been looking for Me, I had been looking for them.

“Come and See!” Such simple words, but it joined them to Me forever.

Lonely hearts, far from home, in strange surroundings — all they needed was a little kindness and hospitality.

If you do the same, you too will find those who will follow you, and thereby fulfill their life’s calling.



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