January 28: I Will Keep You As the Apple of My Eye

Scripture Reading—Psalm 17:8, 9

“Keep me as the apple of the eye; hide me under the shadow of thy wings, From the wicked that oppress mg from my deadly enemies, who compass me about.” (Psalm 17:8, 9)

The apple of the eye (the pupil) is the most precious part of the body. Man will always seek to protect his eyes from to harm or injury. He will even expose other parts of the body to danger in order to protect his eyes.

I have created man in such a way that the eye is protected naturally. I placed the eye in a socket, protected by the forehead above and the nose at the side, then I gave it a lid which can close more quickly than man can think. I put curtains on the lid (eyelashes) and then above that I placed an eyebrow to overshadow the eye.

David was very conscious of the great importance of the eye because he was in constant warfare. He lived a dangerous life. If he lost his eyesight, he would never be able to protect himself from the enemies who were all around him. His eyes were precious to him.

That is how he described his desire to be precious to Me. And he was. But you are, too. You are as precious to Me as your eye is to you. I have made provisions of protection for you. I will keep you from all harm. Things may come into your life to hurt you and test you, but they will never be able to destroy you because you are precious to Me. You are even more precious to Me than your eyes are to you.

I will watch over you and preserve you, for I need you like you need your eyes. I need to send My expression of love to the nations and to all those around you through your eyes. I need to look out through your eyes and let them see My love, My anger and My grief. I need to express through your eyes My compassion to a people who cannot see Me except as I look out through your eyes.

I answered David’s prayers. In spite of many enemies, he lived a good, long life and went home in peace. I will protect You, too, and you shall serve Me with a good long life, for you are the apple of My eye.


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