Jerusalem Prayer Letter

“The LORD is great in Zion, and he is high above all the people.  Let them praise thy great and terrible name for it is holy.  The king’s strength also loveth judgment; thou dost establish equity, thou executed judgment and righteousness in Jacob.  Exalt the LORD our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.” (Ps. 99:2-5).

Dear Intercessors for Israel:

Greetings from Jerusalem and the House of Peace.  Prime Minister Netanyahu handed back his mandate to form a ruling coalition government to President Rivlin this week.  Netanyahu has spent weeks trying to assemble a 61 seat plus Knesset majority, but could only find 55 Knesset members who would join his center right party.  Again Avidor Liberman and his Yisael Beiteinu (Israel, our home) party which holds eight seats in the Knesset was able to frustrate Netanyahu’s plans to form a government, by refusing to join his coalition.  Liberman is demanding that something be done to pressure Israel’s religious parties (an essential part of Netanyahu’s coalition) to permit their young men to serve in the IDF.  As of now, Ultra-Orthodox men are even forbidden by their rabbis to even register for the draft.  This “free pass” to avoid military service, has angered most secular Israelis whose own sons and daughters serve in the IDF and protect the nation.  PM Netanyahu in past seasons has sought to avoid angering the religious, knowing how the rabbis can suddenly organize large demonstrations which effectively shut down all transport, roads and businesses.  And so this political impasse continues.

President Rivlin then handed over the mandate to form a government to PM’s Netanyahu’s chief rival, former General Benn Gantz, the head of Israel’s Blue and White party.  Gantz too has 28 days to form a government.  He too has a steep road ahead of him to become Israel’s next Prime Minister.  Gantz is seeking coalition partners from LGBT community, Labor, the Arab “Joint List” and maybe even PM’s Netanyahu’s own Likud party, if present members “defect.”  And then there is Avidor Lieberman, and his eight seats, a potential “kingmaker.”  Liberman has stated that he will only support a “unity” government.  So far, Ganz has 54 potential Knesset members or less who will support him.  Some polls show he has only the support of 44 members.

PM’s Netanyahu’s Likud party has declared that he is their sole candidate for Prime Minister and that the party will only sit in a government that he heads.  And then there is PM’s Netanyahu’s legal woes.  He is still under the threat of indictment by Israel’s Attorney General for various “crimes” including bribery and receiving “free cigars.”  Netanyahu as Prime Minister remains in power until a new government can be installed.  Pray for PM Netanyahu that these legal accusations be dismissed.

Knesset Visit:

Today, a group of ETH intercessors visited the Knesset.  During their tour they noticed all the seats of the leaders near the podium were “turned backwards.”  They asked the tour leader why, and she even was surprised, saying it was unusual.  As we, discussed this, the scripture from Jeremiah suddenly came to mind:  “ And they have turned unto me  the back, and not the face; though I have taught them, rising up early and teaching them, yet they have not harkened to receive instruction” (Jer. 32:33).  Perhaps God is done with this Knesset even before they have assembled to come together to form a government? 

Pray for this nation and its future leadership, especially for the next 28 days.  If Gantz cannot form a government, a third election will be called.  During the last election held in September, statistics showed that only 61% of the electorate voted.  If another election is called, pray for greater numbers of Israelis to vote.  Pray for a righteous leader who will establish equity, execute judgment and righteousness in Jacob (Ps. 99:4)

Peace Plans

United States senior advisor Jared Kushner and son in law of President Trump will be arriving in Israel next week to discuss the U.S. peace plan in the Middle East.  Meetings are planned in the U.S. Embassy with both PM Netanyahu and Blue and White Party leader and potential prime minister Benny Gantz.  Kushner is looking for ways to implement President Trump’s peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians including re-dividing Jerusalem and giving more land and concessions to the Palestinian Authority.  The problem of Iran and its ongoing threat to Israel will also be discussed.

Pray for God’s peace plan to be manifested during these talks.  The LORD declares to Joel that He will judge those nations which have scattered his people and parted his land.”  (Joel 3:2)

New Energy Horizons

Israel’s Hi-Tec industry and scientists continue to amaze the world.  This week a small Israeli start up company:  MayMaan Research has announced that it has successfully developed a system to operate a traditional piston engine that runs on 70% water and 30% ethanol (or any other alcohol).  No gasoline or diesel is required.  The word MayMaan in Hebrew means “Hydrogen” one of the main components of this new fuel.  A second meaning is also found by combining the Hebrew words for water and manna.  Thus MayMaan is like the water coming from the biblical manna. This new technology promises to revolutionize the transportation as well as the energy industry.   Four prototypes are already developed.  The first target of MayMaan’s revolutionary technology  says Doron Shmueli, the company’s vice president is using this miracle fuel in diesel engines.  Detroit automakers may not be so impressed with this breakthrough as they are looking to introduce electric vehicles into the world’s transportation system ( 10/22/19).

Israel is also developing its two gigantic gas/oil fields, discovered just off the coast of Haifa.  Over 6.6 billion gallons of oil lies just underneath the waters, as well as some 2000 billion cubic meters of propane gas.  Noble Energy already has an Oil Platform in place, just off the coast of Caesarea, and is due to start operating by the end of 2019.  Truly Asher has dipped his foot in oil, as Moses prophesied long ago. (Deut. 33:24)

Tomb of the Kings

The French consulate announced this week that it would re-open Jerusalem’s famous and hidden Tomb of the Kings.  This magnificent archaeological site has been closed since 2010, for renovations.   It is located just a half mile from Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate and close to the American Colony Hotel.  Religious Jews consider these Tombs to be the ancient burial sites for King David and Solomon, and crowds seek to pray there.  Modern archeologists attribute that it is the grave of Queen Helena of Adiabene, Iraq, an early benefactor to Jerusalem which Josephus mentions.   Those wishing to visit this site, must register on line, thus restricting religious crowds.  Israel’s foreign minister also publicly welcomed France’s decision to reopen this tomb. (  10/23/19).


Israel’s High Holidays (the Feast of Tabernacles) have recently concluded.  This city again was filled with pilgrims, who fulfilling Zechariah’s prophecy to “come up to the feast.” (Zec. 14:16).  Even Christians from Egypt were admitted this year by Israel and permitted to celebrate the Feast.  We at the House of Peace, celebrated the Feast with guests and visitors from many nations including Scotland, Taiwan, Israel and America.  We also set up a palm branch covered Succah on our deck where we had  times of wonderful fellowship.  And the greatest blessing of all happened, the rains fell in Jerusalem, ending our long dry and dusty season.   Our prayer meetings here have seen the house full of those wishing to pray and seek His face in intercession. 

Our thanks also goes out to Peter and Margaret Jones, from the U.K. who stood in the gap and watched over the House of Peace in September/mid October.   Margaret amazed us all with her cooking creations, and replanting fall flowers.  Peter, Greg K. and I were able to complete a labor-intensive project by installing a new tile flooring in the upstairs Loft bedroom.  Thank you Peter and Greg!  

We thank you all for your prayers for us and support for the ministry at the House of Peace.

Shabbat Shalom

Gene and Marylois/House of Peace

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