July 23: The Anointing Will Break the Yoke

Scripture Reading: Genesis 27:40c

“And it shall come to pass when thou shalt break loose, That thou shalt shake his yoke from off thy neck.” (Genesis 27:40c)

Through the years the Palestinians, the descendants of Esau, have tried to break loose from their yoke. These last few years of intifada have been Esau’s desperate attempt to break loose of Jewish-Israeli control.

More recently a Peace Treaty has been signed by the two parties — the sons of Jacob and the sons of Esau, but still there is murder and fighting and threats and warnings coming from both sides.

Will it finally all settle down, and will Jacob and Esau live in peace, or will they continue to struggle, as they did already in the womb, and involve the whole world in their last great battle, culminating in a dreadful Armageddon? Will they have to kill each other before there is peace?

Does Isaac mean that Esau will eventually break loose from the yoke of servitude and be free?

I believe we can find the answer in Isaiah, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing”  (Isaiah 10:27).

It is the anointing that will set you free, Esau! It is not intifada. It is not stones. It is not knives and bullets. It is not by your dreadful sword. It is not by peace treaties nor threats, nor demonstrations, nor politics, nor United Nations intervention, nor harsh words.

Listen! It is by the anointing!

Only when Esau will bow at the Cross and accept the high calling of God through Jesus to be His servant, His love-slave, will he be free, gloriously free, from the yoke.

The anointing will break the yokes of bondage in all our lives. It broke it in mine. It set me free. It changed my nature, my character, my personality, my ministry and my life.

It will change Esau and his descendants.

And it will change yours. It is the only hope for you to escape the bondage you are in.

You say, “But didn’t you tell me I should gladly be a servant of all.”

Yes, a servant is one thing, but Satan wants to make a prisoner out of you. He wants to enslave you in the house of bondage, with chains on your ankles and wrists. But the anointing will break off those chains, and your prison doors will spring open, and the Angel of the Lord, Himself, will lead you forth to fulfill your destiny.

So seek not the key to your prison cell, seek instead the anointing.



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