July 28: Faith Or Fear?

Here I am, my Father.

And here I Am, My child.

I am brooding over the earth and I am brooding over you. As a hen sits on her nest, keeping her eggs warm while they develop into chicks, I am maintaining the right climate for the development of end time events and the development of My end-time handmaidens and servants.

I am so close to you! And you are so barely aware. I spoke through Dr. Smith to you two days ago to open your eyes about the common ground between fear and faith: they both “see” something that hasn’t happened yet.

The little chorus that Sister Gwen taught you fits here:

Faith, mighty faith the promise sees
And looks to God alone,
Laughs at impossibilities
And cries, “it shall be done!”
And cries, and cries “It shall be done!
“And cries, “it shall be done!”
Laughs at impossibilities
And cries, “it shall be done!”

Your job is to cry out the truth, the veracity, of the promises I show you.

Don’t speak of the dark threats that your enemy shows you, for what you speak will begin to form from your very words. Speak instead My Word, My heart, My mind, My vision, My light, My salvation, My deliverance, My redemption, My soon return, My arising and shining in you. For just as the sun is rising over the mountain on your horizon, My light, My Presence as the Son of Righteousness is arising to turn the darkness of night into the glorious Day of the Lord!

The King is coming. You won’t need earthly presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, and governors. My Kingdom shall rule all the earth and My knowledge of My glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!



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