July 31: God’s Wonderful Grace

“My grace is sufficient for thee” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Grace is the nature of Christ. When I receive Christ in my heart, He lives in me, and manifests His grace through me. This enables me to love everyone, like Christ loved them, and have the grace to cope with their shortcomings, wrong actions, and cruelty to me. Grace is the positive that negates the evil that comes against you in the world.

Satan hates grace. He wants immediate action. He is always in a hurry.

But grace knows that all things work out for the best in the lives of those who love to do God’s will, and thereby live by His time plan. They can wait for God to work everything out, for their good and his glory.

God is not ruled by the sun, the moon, or the stars. The horoscope does not control Him. God lives above His creation. He lives within the time-span of eternity, where there is no sun to rule by day, the stars to rule by night, or the moon to control the months and years that determine earthly time.

When you are ruled by grace, you move into a new dimension of existence where “there shall be time no more” or, as the Word says, you have “eternal life.” Grace is unlimited by time, situation, conditions, circumstances, or man.

Never say, “I can’t put up with it anymore!” You will move out of grace. Grace is unlimited. Grace is timeless. It is God in you. It forgives. It copes with difficult people and difficult situations.

There are different types of situations. Some people can easily cope with a situation, which would cause another to despair, and take his life, or kill.

If you lack in grace, come to me, the God of all Grace, and I will give you grace for every situation. You have not — because you ask not!

When My servant Paul was enduring multiple trials from within and without (troubles often come in multiples), I told him his trials were given to him for a purpose, and that my grace was sufficient for him. He accepted that.

If you can accept the fact that something good is coming out of your trial, you will have grace to cope, and later be thankful for it.

Some of My children don’t want My grace; they luxuriate in their misery, even after I bring them from their slime pit into a palace, they make their lives (and the lives of others) miserable, by constantly talking and complaining about their past miseries. Soldiers who return from the battlefield seldom speak about the wars they have been through, the dead bodies and blood. It takes grace to put it out of your mind.

Be a real “hero!” Walk in grace, be filled with Grace, and be like Jesus!



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