July 8: Man Can Still Eat Angels’ Food

Scripture Reading—Psalm 78:23-51

“Man did eat angels’ food…” (Psalm 78:25)

There is no way that you can limit Me. I cannot only furnish a table in the wilderness, I can also furnish it with the food of Heaven. If I wanted, I could let you wear angel robes and grow Heaven’s roses in your garden.

The clothes of the children of Israel did not wear out in forty years of rugged travel because of the glory cloud which continually overshadowed them.

When man steps into the glory of God, all that is temporal is transformed into eternal substance; mortality puts on immortality.

As you come closer and closer to Heaven, the veil between mortality and immortality diminishes. Soon it will rub so thin that you will “step over” into that same translation dimension that swept Enoch up and away. When man walks that close to Me, he does not belong to the world any longer. He not only does not fit to earth’s customs and habits, he can only exist in the realm of the supernatural. He is like a bird that can’t keep from flying or a caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

There is a work of metamorphosis taking place even now in the lives of many of My beloved children. They are losing all interest in the things that are passing away. They are feasting on the spiritual truths. I am revealing Heaven’s secrets to My dearly beloved. The table is spread with angel food, both for body and soul. Eat of the food for the soul and your body shall be strengthened also. Ask Me to give you angel food today.



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