July 9: God Gives the Fat Places of the Earth, and Plenty of Corn and Wine!

Scripture Reading: Genesis 27:28b

“And of the fat places of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine.” (Genesis 27:28b)

Fertile land is one of the greatest blessings one can possess. The most precious thing one can own is the good earth, because “under all there is the land!” Buildings can be blown away by a severe storm, destroyed by flood, turned into ashes by fire, demolished by man, but land will always be. Nothing can blow it away, burn it up, nor permanently destroy it with a flood. Only a nuclear disaster can destroy it for a long time.

If you want to own something precious in this world buy a piece of land — even if it is only one lot or one acre.

One of the wealthiest women in Singapore owes her wealth to the small plots of land she bought when she was a struggling, poor school teacher trying to support her family. Every time she had a few extra dollars she bought a little piece of land. Today it is worth millions.

Isaac blessed his son first of all with the dew of Heaven, then with fertile land. Land would only be barren waste without the dew of Heaven. Many years later God blessed Jacob’s children (Israel) by giving them the land — even the Promised Land.

God will surely do the same for you. Claim the land God wants you to have, and do not refuse it, like the Children of Israel did, because of their unbelief. Land is security.

“And plenty of corn and wine.”

The “corn” is grain such as wheat, oats, barley, flax and rye. All these are included in the Hebrew word for “corn.”

The Promised Land is the “Land of Corn and Wine.” When you get this land the grain comes with it — and so does the “wine.” It is also called “Beulah Land” as the old hymn expresses it so beautifully:

“I’ve reached the land of Corn and Wine,
And all its riches freely mine;
Here shines undimmed one blissful day, For all my night has passed away.
Oh Beulah Land, sweet Beulah Land,
As on the highest mount I stand,
I look away across the sea,
Where mansions are prepared for me
And view the shining glory shore,
My Heaven, my home, for evermore.”
(Edgar Page)

This “land” not only gives you corn to give you strength and good health, through the vine it is the source of wine to supply you with great joy.

Wine is symbolic of the joy of our salvation. God wants us to be a joyful people. He has given us triumphant joy, even in the midst of the most trying circumstance.

Isaac, in his blessing, first provides for Jacob all his physical needs:

  1. A place to live and to farm for a living…the land.
  2. Plenty of corn…all provision of staples for food.
  3. The dew of Heaven…perfect climate for good agricultural conditions.
  4. Plenty of wine…the joy of life.

These are the blessings we can pass on to our children and our children’s children.

It would be a good thing if we would have our children kneel before us, for us to pray this kind of a blessing upon them. If we pray and bless them in sincerity God will hear from Heaven and will bless them.

If we truly loved our children we would seek for them the blessings which God can give them more than anything we can do for them. What we give them they can lose, but the blessings of the Lord endure forever. And even if they should lose them for a while, like Job did, (because God allows us to be tested for His Glory and our honour) He will restore, for all that God takes He will restore in double portion.



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