June 24: Your Enemy Shall Be the Thing That Makes You Strong

Scripture Reading—Psalm 74:1-14

“Thou brakest the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.” (Psalm 74:14)

Fear not the opposition that stands against you. That is the very thing I will use to bless you and enlarge you.

Didn’t I say through My servants Joshua and Caleb that Israel should not fear the giants of Canaan, “for they are bread for us” (Numbers 14:9)?

Yea, and indeed it is true that the obstacles which stand against you, even the formidable giants and evil-possessed men, and every kind of difficulty, all these things are the things which shall become as bread to you.

Eating bread, good healthy bread, makes you strong. You can build bodies with bread. Nations have lived on bread, mothers have raised their children on bread. And your spiritual life shall be built up and made strong even through the opposition of those giants in your life

It is not your duty to kill the giants. I will destroy them and you shall “eat” them. So it is with the great leviathan, the powerful dragon that stretches from Genesis to Revelation, who has held the world in turmoil and souls in bondage and every kind of captivity, from the love of money and the lust for strange flesh, to the thirst for blood and the need for drugs and alcohol, and every kind of vice.

This evil leviathan is no threat to My victorious Joshuas and Calebs. To them he is bread, even chunks of meat cut up and put in the pots to be cooked and “eaten” to make the spiritual bones strong and healthy.

For have I not promised Eve that her seed should bruise his head? (Genesis 3:15). Yes, I, the seed of the woman, have indeed bruised and crushed the head of leviathan. And now you can devour and enjoy the prey, for I have led captivity captive and I have given him to you as a gift.

In these days My army of Joshuas and Calebs shall arise in the power of the Holy Spirit to possess the land, and they shall see victory after victory, as I will use the very obstacles and hindrances and the failures of their past to become the things that will make them a blessing to the multitudes. And the evil powers that would seek to destroy you shall be used by Me to make you great in My Kingdom.



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