June 3: End-Time Prophecy for Egypt and Ethiopia

Scripture Reading—Psalm 68:31

“Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.” (Psalm 68:31)

This end-time prophecy has already begun to be fulfilled. The “prince” of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, heard My summons and came as an ambassador of peace out of Egypt to Jerusalem. As much as his reconciliatory move was criticized, still it helped to initiate a more peaceful situation between Egypt and Israel than has anything else.

Pray that other ambassadors shall come out of Egypt in a spirit of peace, for this is an end-time prophecy and it is time for it to be fulfilled. Pray, too, that many will hear the call and go and speak peace to Egypt, even giving them the message of peace on earth and good will toward men. The Gospel is the most needed message in Egypt today; it is the only hope for peace.

Prosperity does not bring peace. Rather, peace brings prosperity. Remember, Iran and other wealthy nations are in ruins as a result of the warring spirit that possesses and controls their leaders. No religion brings the message of peace except the Gospel.

Ethiopia is stretching out her hands to God. Not in commitment, nor surrender, nor worship, but in desperation. It is a motion of desperation, a cry for help. The starving, the oppressed, the fearful are the only ones in Ethiopia who are stretching out their hands to Me. Their leaders are stretching out their hands to gods of power, war, and atheism. But still I see the multitudes dying with outstretched hands in Ethiopia. And it is out of those multitudes that I saved the Falashas, My ancient people who worshipped Me faithfully through the centuries according to the limited understanding that they had of Me. Pray that labourers with the Gospel message of peace will be sent to them in Israel with the message that contains the whole counsel of God, for though they have been rescued, they still have their hands stretched out to Me.



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