Know the Lord at the Heart Level

Loving New Year’s greetings from I-40 in Oklahoma! It’s been a LONG time since we have been “on the road”! We are on our way to Texas to honor Pastor Mark Bristow as he celebrates 50 years in the ministry (he started in his early teens).

What a great way to start the year: to look back over years of ministry and begin to plan for the next years and decades, if the Lord tarries!

We have been hearing various prophetic words concerning the coming season. Most agree that we are facing some situations that require our utmost dedication to intercession and walking in intimate communion with the Lord. Our ability to hear the Lord will be critical, so quieting the distractions and silencing the other voices is essential!

It’s less important to seek out the words of the prophets and more important to hear the Lord for ourselves. I don’t mean that we don’t pay attention to the prophets. 2 Chronicles 20:20 promises success when we believe the Lord’s prophets, but we need to be walking closely enough to the Lord that the prophets’ messages are a confirmation to what we have heard in our spirit. Be a Berean and search the scriptures to get your daily guidance and stay in the secret place of the Most High.

I’m reminded of a brother in the Philippines during World War II. He was being hunted by the Japanese and was led for over a thousand days by the Holy Spirit in his daily Bible reading. Everyone who followed him as he followed the Lord was safe. Anyone who disagreed (based on reasoning) was captured by the enemy.

Beloved, let’s press in to know the Lord at the heart level! He’s looking for a people with whom He can share His heart. Look for that place in 2022!

Step Up Intercession: Dutch Sheets on his “Give Him 15” on January 3 said this, “Chuck Pierce told me last week that ‘from now ‘til March 21, our (America’s) future hangs in the balance…get positioned properly.’ “Here’s a link to the whole message:

Get in the secret place and hear our Father’s heart so you know how to pray. You can join in with other intercessors on our 6:00 PM Central time prayer call daily (except Fridays) as we intercede prophetically over the subjects the Holy Spirit leads. It’s different every day! We welcome you to join us! Dial (425) 436-6348, when the recorded voice answers, dial 7411925#. Normal toll charges apply as any long-distance call would normally on your phone. If you have unlimited calling, you should have no additional charges.

Pray in tongues every time you think of it. Leave yourself notes to remind you. Let’s make a difference in the spirit realm by letting the Lord make a difference in us and then speak through us to change America! His justice must prevail as we side with Him.

School of the Supernatural: We still have a few seats and beds available, but we have some renovations to finish. Please pray with us that we will get the right people in place to get the jobs done.
Sign up for the School of the Supernatural—Translation by Faith: Bruce and Reshma Allen, along with Michael and Gordana Van Vlyman will be teaching us “translation by faith for end-times ministry,” March 20-25, 2022, here in Engeltal. I’m so impressed with this teaching! They make it so clear that walking in the supernatural must be grounded in scripture and that every experience has the clear guidance of the Holy Spirit with discernment and testing of the spirits. The cost for tuition for 6 days of classes, 7 nights’ accommodations, and all your meals is only $450! For more information and to register, go to our website. Space is limited, so hear from Holy Spirit and obey. We will NOT stream these classes. You have to be here to get the impartation.

New Phone System: we are using our new phone system now and are in the process of shutting down the old one. However, we had an outage recently that made us realize that we still need to put a few backups into place. Please stand with us for the finances to be able to have power generators and Internet back up for good continuity of communications.

Thank you so very much for standing with us with your love and prayers. We are grateful for every love gift that you send! Please stand with us for the immediate need for the House of Peace as Gene explains in his blog.

Your handmaiden and servant, Sharon and Philip

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