March 15: A Beautiful Woman Who Has No Discretion…

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 11:22

“As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.”

Gold and beautiful women are the two things that most men desire more than anything else. Many have sold their  souls for one or the other. They have a soulish attraction. But when both of them are closely analyzed, what are the true values of either? You can’t take either with you when you die!

A woman who is beautiful, but who has no discretion, will bring much misery into a man’s life.

What good is it to put a gold ring in the snout of a pig? None! It is a waste of money. It is ridiculous. It is a waste of something that is precious.

So it is with a beautiful woman who has no discretion. The word “discretion” in Hebrew is ta’am (2940).

It means “without feeling or judgment or without royal decree.

For a prince to choose a woman to be his wife just because she is beautiful is a foolish mistake, if she has no sensitivity to her royal responsibilities. She will bring much sorrow and shame into his life.

When a beautiful woman enters a room she is an immediate attraction. Every eye is on her. Both men and women watch her for the rest of the time that she is in the room. They expect more of her than they do of ordinary women. She has everyone’s admiration. But if she has no finesse, and is not courteous, if she is rude and loudmouthed and sarcastic to the other guests, she will soon become repugnant. The very ones who admired her will become antagonistic toward her. Before long they will avoid her. And they are wise to do so because she will only hurt them. She is a crude woman and offensive. She has no respect for her seniors. She does not understand true heavenly protocol.

True beauty is on the inside. I always say, “Beauty is — as beauty does!”

A pig is an unclean animal. A beautiful woman whose life is not pure and holy will bring uncleanness into the lives of all with whom she comes in contact.

My brother, I warn you, do not be enticed by her outward beauty. Look for the true beauty of the soul.


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