March 30: Live in Total Obedience to the Father to Be Like Jesus

Scripture Reading: John 5:30

“I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30)

Look, my child, at all that I said and did; yet, of mine own self I did nothing. My orders come from My Father and My strength comes from Him also.

When you cease doing your own works and stop being swept along by the will of man and by human (even other Christian’s) visions, motives, aims and desires and prophecies, then you will be like Me. In that moment in your life, when that takes place, you will become like Me and you will do My Works.

You look upon Me as your great example. I was an extension of My Father. And that is what you also are called to be.

When you realize that you can do nothing of yourself, you will become yielded and submitted to the Father’s Will. When that happens, you will enter a new dimension of supernatural anointing which will supply you with strength, love, and joy, enabling you to do ALL the Father’s works, for then you will also become an extension of the Father.

Remember that you, like Myself, are a love-slave. You are only permitted to do the will of your Father in Heaven. When You are totally submitted to His will, your life will be patterned after Mine.



From the Heart of Jesus by Gwen Shaw
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