May 11: You First Begin to Be a “Peacemaker” in Your Own Heart

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:9

“Blessed are the peacemakers:for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

The role of the peacemaker is the most difficult, misunderstood, and unthankful one among men.

The true peacemaker must aim to be objective. He cannot take sides. He must love both parties or both nations, as the case may be.

He will be eyed with suspicion and distrust by both parties who are involved with the dispute or the war.

He will be falsely accused, lied about, and hated by most people. He may find himself in the center of the controversy with both sides firing at him at the same time. Even the people who have engaged him to help will often hate and distrust him.

But if he is called of God to be a peacemaker, the grace of God will be given to him to continue in this tiring and ofttimes hated task. The peacemaker must never think that any one side is completely justified. There are wrongs on both sides, though some may not be as aggravated as others. He needs to realize that no one ever loves with a perfect love, therefore, guilt lies on both sides.

The peacemaker needs to “find each party in the spirit” and to understand the reason for the dispute, for the problem is often deeper than the two people or two nations who are involved can realize, themselves. In other words, it can be a problem that has been inherited from the ancestors and can date back as far as Jacob and Esau. Trouble-making and angry spirits can follow the bloodline for many generations.

We need to pray much for the peacemakers of the present generation, for it is out of their ranks that the Antichrist shall come (Daniel 11:21-24, Daniel 8:25).

He shall suddenly rise up on the scene when all the world is at the brink of war, and make “peace.” This will win him worldwide recognition and gratitude. As a result, he will be given a position of world power and rulership.

Only after he is in power will he reveal his true intentions, and he will turn from a “dove” into a wild beast of a man.

But in the meanwhile, those of God’s true children who make peace and keep a peaceful attitude in their hearts shall be the beloved of the Lord, and shall be people of forgiveness and mercy.

You begin to be a true peacemaker by making peace in your own heart towards all who have ever grieved, angered, or upset you in any way. By refusing to keep a grudge you become a peacemaker where it counts most of all — in your own heart.



From the Heart of Jesus by Gwen Shaw
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