May 19: True Rest

Lord, I really need Your help to get consistent in keeping the sacred time and place. Help me find the balance of rest, devotions, family, ministry, and life.

I am not religious. I will help you. I am faithful even when you are not. Come and keep on coming. Don’t give up and quit trying.

Thank You, Lord. I feel like I’m in a vicious cycle of craving rest due to health issues that stem from lack of rest, and stress over the years. Then when I rest too long, I don’t have any time from my sacred place with You. That’s just wrong!

Remember that I have spoken to you in worship that “this is your rest and this is your refreshing.” I will continuously meet you and give you rest and refreshing every moment when you turn to Me in praise and worship. That is where you will find and receive your healing.

Thank You, Lord. Please keep reminding me!



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