May 28: And He Loved Her

Scripture Reading: Genesis 24:67

“And he loved her.” (Genesis 24:67)

Oh, what wonderful words!

What a long, weary journey it has been for us since we first crossed that threshold of light and stepped into the first day of our earthly journey. We have experienced every kind of emotion known to man — love, joy, happiness, loss, sorrow, grief, desire, fears, angers, pain and release, light and darkness, the burden of sin, and the sweet release of forgiveness.

We know what it is to be loved, and to be hated, desired and rejected, and now, the time has come for us to alight from our journey of life and meet our Beloved face-to-face. It is time to abandon ourselves to the One great, eternal, unchanging Love of our Beloved. That which we have searched for in our life’s journey has been found! We have completed the circle of life, and returned to our Father’s House to find that He, Who sent us, is the same One who receives us into His arms, and pronounced Himself as our Beloved — our long-sought Joy.

He is all we desire. He is the brilliance of every bright morning, the drop of rain that fell on our thirsty souls. He is the Evening Star that closed the hot day with a lantern in the western sky.

He, Who even now is coming to meet us, walking across the fields of His planting, bounding joyfully from His tent, to take our trembling hand in His at the end of our long journey, and give us our welcome-home kiss.

And we, like Rebekah, will fill that vacant gap in this life, and in all of Heaven when we will light the Sabbath Candle to illumine His house even more than it is, for the Heavenly Mansions wait only for the arrival of the Bride, whose duty  and honour it is to bring her light and her glory to the table of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, as the Sabbath of all Sabbaths begins.

For she has made herself ready. And she soon will take her seat of honour at His side. And as she does, He will turn to her and whisper, “I love you!”



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